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Simple 2d Adventure

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I've watched the videos but got confused and got stuck on some basic part. I have designed an adventure game with 2d background. It has lots of rooms and lots of doors.  Basicly my character leaves from one room to another.

I didnt understand how to make character leave from one room to another. I tried to go with the 2.5d () tutorial's instructions (which is placing a second camera in the same scene) but It causes problem since its not the same scene. If i try to put every scene together in that method than the pathways and every other thing gets crossed or blocks each other.

So assuming im going with tutorial number 22 () Is there a way to separate the scenes so  when i go farther left, the scene will change to another room? (Like Monkey Island ?)

Thank you in advance


  • Firstly you need all the scenes you want for your game in the Unity build settings. Then you need to call the Engine: Change scene action. The input should be the number that you have for the scene in the build settings.
  • Oh okey.

    For some reason, i thought maybe we create scenes "in" adventure creator rather than creating it normaly in unity. This kinda clears the air. Thank you.

    So i will create scenes just like a normal game and ill call the engine: change scene action. Ok


  • That's right.  The "2.5D" mode is mainly for Grim Fandango-type games, where the same scene is viewed from different angles, though the backgrounds are all pre-rendered.
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    I've managed to change scenes with hotspot however there is a minor problem i'm facing yet again.

    I've made a hotspot that once clicked on takes the player towards a marker ive placed (I made that marker just under where the hotspot is.) But once i add the interraction to change scene to the hotspot, the player changes the scene immediately without walking towards the Marker.

    So instead ive made hotspot with walk to marker and placed a trigger on the marker with scene change. It did work but the draw back was, once i came back to the scene, the playerstart marker and the previous hotspot marker kinda overlaped so the character is again on the trigger spot which sents the character back to the other scene again.

    So in short, is there a way to make the hotspot actions sequence instead of  all at once?

    Also one more thing, it takes a second before it changes scene. (the screen goes black and the scene loads) . Why is that? and is there a way to prevent it?
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