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[3rd Party] SLATE Cinematic Sequencer: cross/compatibility issue

Hi there!

I know this could be more of a post for the SLATE forums, and I'm probably going to open another there as well, yet:

I downloaded the support classes to support AC with SLATE from the SLATE website:

yet, when I import it, it says that there's nothing to import.

Does it mean that SLATE is now natively supported by AC, and no extra class is needed since they're already present?

I think I'm missing something, because SLATE by default throws a "GameCamera" script on AC's main camera, and deactivates it to drive each own camera.

Yet, since all the effects (Prism, for instance) are on the main camera, I can't blend AC camera system (using a SimpleCamera which transform is getting animated via SLATE), but instead I am now using a very modded version of SLATE to avoid switching away from AC's camera.

Is it normal or...? Do I need to add any define to enable SLATE support in AC?
Last update was in April 2019.

I'm even considering the chance of the Unitypackage could be empty :D


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    No, there is no native support for SLATE, and the package you're referring to has been provided by the SLATE devs. This'll be one for their forums.

    A GameCamera should not be added to AC's MainCamera. If you want to continue to rely on the MainCamera for rendering / post-processing, then you'll need to treat the Slate camera like a custom AC GameCamera. See the Manual's "Custom cameras" chapter for more.

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