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Inventory Properties Do Not Stack?

Say I have an inventory object that has a "weight" property value of 1. If the player is carrying multiple of this object, but stacked in one slot (rather than separate for each one), the property stays as 1, rather than multiplied by the quantity of the inventory item. Is this just an oversight or by design?
In the future, would it be possible to have the option to choose if inventory property values add along with their respective inventory objects?


  • By design, as most property types wouldn't be suitable for "stacking", i.e. Strings and PopUps.

    I can see how this might be useful, though. How exactly are you reading and making use of your property values?

  • Ah, sorry I never thought of strings and popups.

    This weight property is an integer, and I am using it by using the convert to variable action and displaying that variable in a dialogue narration action, to create a basic weight limit for the character's inventory. I am also thinking of using this for the ammo system I was discussing the other day.

  • OK. I'll add an option to the Action to allow the property to be multiplied by the item's "count", if it's an Integer or Float.

  • Great news, thanks Chris.

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