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"Pause Gameplay when running" option toggle in action list?

Is it possible to "un-pause gameplay" during an action list and have it continue? If I have "When Running: Pause Gameplay" set for an action list, is it possible to set gameplay to "Run in Background" from the actionlist for the remainder of the actions in the list?


  • No - you'll need to split it into two separate ActionLists.

  • Just to re-confirm, "Pause Gameplay" mode is basically just hiding the cursor, or does it change any other systems?

  • No, it disables a lot - movement, interactions, certain inputs, menus and more.

    You can, however, use the Engine: Manage systems Action to selectively disable certain systems during gameplay - so you could possibly have the ActionList run in the background, and disable gameplay systems for part of it.

  • This seems to do the trick, is there a way I could make a custom action version of this that only has the two parts needed, since it is enormous in the graph for just hiding the cursor and disabling input:

  • You can collapse the Action to reduce its size, but you could create a custom Action by duplicating the original (ActionSystemLock.cs) and removing the undesired fields/variables.

    The Cursor and Input fields rely on the cursorLock and inputLock variables - all else can be removed.

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