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AC compatibility with Unity's new Input System

Been looking at Unity's new system for input mapping which looks to be far better than the standard one. It's still in development right now but according to unity, the current version is stable enough for use. Will this system be compatible with AC given the way it now handles actions?



  • AC is very closely tied to Unity's current Input system, but I am looking into it.

  • Here's an initial implementation:

    As the Input System has a number of ways inputs can be defined, this is more of an example than anything - but should be a good base to adapt from should you need to.

  • Thanks!

    Getting some errors with the touch controls, though. Not sure we will be handling those, but what would be causing something like this?

  • It requires the latest AC release. You can delete those lines if you have no need for them.

  • No problem! Thanks!

  • Just tried it out. Having the component object in the scene completely kills any interaction with the game. Including the menus that should be automatically displayed on start. No matter what inputs I add. I assume this is due to the old input manager still having the input names. If so, I'll delete them, but why would all menus also go away?

  • May have something to do with this error.

  • Please post the message in full.

  • edited January 2020

    The error has appeared without the component being active, so it shouldn't have anything to do with it. There is no error message with the problem, the screen simply becomes unresponsive.

  • The state of the old Input Manager should have no bearing, once you've switched over to the new Input System and restarted Unity as per their docs.

    The script should have no bearing on the state of the Menus - they come back if you disable that one component?

  • Yes, they all appear to turn off and even the cursor does not seem to work. It's completely non-interactive.

  • edited January 2020

    Share all of the messages that appear in the Console in Play Mode, as well as the contents of the AC Status box.

    What versions of AC, Unity, and Input System are you using?

  • I'm using the most up to date version of AC. The version of Unity is 2019.1.14f1.
    I am using version 1.0.0 of the input system.

    These are all the messages that I receive in the console. A surprising amount for the amount of time it was running.

    The status box.

  • The messages in full, please - stacktraces included.

  • Are you referring to this?

  • In the integration script, try replacing:

    if (inputAction != null)


    if (inputAction != null && inputAction.controls.Count > 0)
  • That appears to work. Movement has returned as much as I have put into the component, thanks!

  • Quick question about the component, will I be able to add in new inputs such as a tab input for activating menus? In the old system, I would add a new input to the project settings input system, then reference that input name into the toggle key of the menu. Adding it to the player controls window that comes with the new input system won't work since it is being ignored by AC, so I would need to add it into the component, right?

  • Yes - as the wiki page describes, this is more of a demonstration script.

    Further button inputs can be added by adding a new InputAction and modifiying the GetInputAction function.

  • Thank you, Chris.

    I've been experimenting with the script a little, and it seems to work well with point and click. Issues arise with direct movement, however. I keep getting this error when switching which blocks keyboard use. The controller will also show the same error. I am adding 1D axis options to the movement action.

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