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Version 1.70 - Objectives, UI resizing, ActionList Editor improvements, and new Timeline tracks



  • There's a small bug in the actionlist editor window in 1.70/Windows/2018.3. On high resolution screens (4k) the top and bottom starts to disappear if the window is bigger than around 1/4th of the screen. This means that the auto-arrange button and the ping button goes missing.

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    Also, while the bug regarding the displaced tool menu is fixed when zooming out, the Action Type menu is still offset incorrectly when zoomed out.
    Another minor thing; Before I could click the node anchor to make a new one appear, in 1.70 I have to drag and release for a node to appear. Maybe intended, but I found it slightly more cumbersome.

    EDIT: sorry, maybe these should be in Tech Q&A?

  • Yes, please make a new thread for these. Could you share screenshots of the 4K issue? I'm without such a screen, so I'm not able to recreate it. I'm aware of the Action Type issue - but so far as I can tell this is on the Unity side.

  • Since updating to the latest version I've noticed that any dialogue options continue into the next scene and show in those different scenes, even if they're set to STOP once clicked :/

  • @TayannaStudios: Please share clear steps to recreate, along with screens of your Speech Manager so that I can recreate.

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    @ChrisIceBox Actually upon further inspection it's not that. It's when an Inventory item's actionlist calls for a scene change while an active conversation dialogue list is open - once the scene changes it loads up the previous scene's conversation options rather than the new scene's conversation. It didn't do this before the update.

    I'll open it up as a separate thread.

  • Yahooooo!

  • Chrisssss, objectives, that's great news, thanks!

  • @ChrisIceBox You're amazing. Loving the ActionList editor improvements.

  • You're welcome!

    Version 1.70.1:

    Upgrade note
    - If an Active Input is triggered, no other Active Inputs can be triggered in that frame

    - Added: OnLoadSpeechAssetBundle custom event - called once a speech audio or lipsync asset bundle has been loaded into memory
    - Added: Function to Conversation script to get the number of currently-enabled dialogue options
    - Changed: Minor tweaks to the ActionList Editor
    - Fixed: Update issue with UI-based Graphic elements set to display Document Textures
    - Fixed: The "Character: Change rendering" Action not properly updating sprite-based characters in v1.70.0
    - Fixed: Variables in the MainCamera component being unnecessarily serialized
    - Fixed: Console error when viewing Journal menu elements
    - Fixed: Issue when previewing AC menus in Edit mode after running the game with Maximize On Play enabled
    - Fixed: Label element property "Auto-adjust height to fit?" being listed in Unity UI-based Menus
    - Fixed: UI-based Button elements that offset element slots sometimes becoming non-interactive
    - Fixed: Rare error with Scene Manager prefabs

  • I literally had the tasks of adding actions for settings and checking objectives on my own todo-list and here it is in the latest update - nicely done! 👏

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    Version 1.70.2:

    Upgrade note

    • The Draggable system is now separated from the Interaction system when being locked/unlocked in the "Engine: Manage systems" Action


    • Added: Objective Actions can now be used with inactive Players
    • Added: Damping factor field for "Rotate Only" Draggable objects with no Rigidbody
    • Added: The hiding of the cursor when manipulating Draggable objects is now optional
    • Added: Ability to place AnimatorController asset files in a SaveableData/Animators Resources folder for faster retrieval when loading save games
    • Added: PlayerMenus function to get the intended alpha of the Menu Manager's "Pause background texture", even if no texture is assigned
    • Added: Ability to set an "empty slot label" for SavesList menu elements of List type "Load"
    • Added: Improvements to the behaviour of scrollbars in the ActionList Editor window
    • Added: Minor performance boost when loading save games
    • Changed: The Draggable system is now separated from the Interaction system, when being locked/unlocked in the "Engine: Manage systems" Action
    • Fixed: Screenshot filenames exceeding the window width when listed in the Save File Manager
    • Fixed: "Bone transform" fields in the Legacy animation engine not being correctly assigned
    • Fixed: Inability to re-order Inventory items in v1.70.0
    • Fixed: "Out of bounds" error when taking save-game screenshots
    • Fixed: Hotspots limited by camera sometimes displaying their icons at the wrong time
    • Fixed: Scene attribute API references being incorrect when copied from the Scene Manager
    • Fixed: Parameter name changes made to Sprites Unity Complex-based character via the "Character: Animate" Action not being recorded in save games
    • Fixed: Issues with dragging Actions at extreme positions in the ActionList Editor
    • Fixed: OnMenuTurnOff event not always being triggered if the Menu is forced off instantly
    • Fixed: InventoryBox element's "Update Hotspot label when hovering?" property showing for the wrong types
    • Fixed: The behaviour of Draggable objects being affected by the "Engine: Manage systems" Action's "Movement" field
    • Fixed: Timeline assets not being loaded in save game files
    • Fixed: Issues with the Remember Animator component
  • i'm currently doing a lot of work in some quite large ActionLists, so those two Editor fixes in this release are MUCH appreciated. thanks

  • Still in learning process, but happy to know about the updates. The best product I've ever purchased :D

  • Awesome thank you so much, amazing updates!

  • This is awesome. And that is hilarious that I implemented my own checklist/objective list a year ago. HAHA. I just did it using "Show/Hide Menu Element". Great job Chris.

    If you implemented a more robust character movement script with jump/slide/crouch/wall hang etc. this would basically be the only asset anyone would ever need. Keep up the good work my friend!

  • If you implemented a more robust character movement script with jump/slide/crouch/wall hang etc. this would basically be the only asset anyone would ever need.

    The issue there is that - coupled with the fact that the needs of users will always vary too much - the dedicated assets that provide that exclusively will always be stronger than one that tries to do so amongst other things. I do try, however, to make it as simple as possible to integrate such assets with your Player.

  • @ChrisIceBox Sorry I didn't see your message earlier. That's totally understandable. You're right -- there are too many factors. Once, you get into more complex character movements, then everyone's like "add this, add that". Anyways, Adventure Creator has to be the best visual scripting asset out there. I looked into some other ones, just to see what was out there, and I couldn't find an asset as intuitive as Adventure Creator. Keep up the good work!

  •  Version 1.70.3:

    • Added: "Remember ActionList Parameters" component - attach to a scene-based ActionList to save its parameter values
    • Added: Ability to refer to save files by ID number, not just index, in the "Save: Save or load" and "Save: Manage saves" Actions
    • Added: Option for MainCamera Timeline tracks to call the OnCameraSwitch event
    • Added: The reliance of Unity's "Screen.safeArea" property for game rendering on mobile devices is now optional
    • Added: Ability to search for references to ActionList asset files via the Inspector cog menu
    • Changed: The MainCamera's "Transparency Sort Mode" is now only auto-set if the "Transparency Sort Mode" Graphics Setting is set to "Default"
    • Changed: The selection priority of directly-navigable AC Menus is now reversed - Menus in the Menu Manager now take precedence over those defined above
    • Changed: Markers and PlayerStarts in 3D games now rely on Unlit textures, to aid Render Pipeline compatibility
    • Fixed: GameObject parameters that reference the scene instance being set to reference prefabs when transferred via the "ActionList: Run" Action
    • Fixed: Issues with Menus set to pause the game and show immediately when the game begins
    • Fixed: Actions Manager not discarding resource fork segments when gathering Action classes on OSX
    • Fixed: Inventory items being added with the "Inventory: Add or remove" Action if the amount added is zero
    • Fixed: Error when attempting to search for global references to a Constant ID component
    • Fixed: Objective states occasionally not showing a Delete option in the Inventory Manager
    • Fixed: The OnRunTrigger event not being triggered if it is run manually from its Inspector
    • Fixed: Error message when previewing Menus without a Settings Manager assigned
    • Fixed: Error when attempting to place an Inventory item into a Container that is limited by Item category
    • Fixed: GameObject parameters not being auto-set in unhandled Inventory interaction ActionLists
    • Fixed: Variables with forward-slashes in their names not being properly categorised in PopUp fields
    • Fixed: OnOccupyPlayerStart event being triggered even if no Player is defined
    • Fixed: ActionList Editor window hotkeys responding when editing text fields
    • Fixed: “ActionList: Set parameter” Action breaking if used to set the value of a Global Variable parameter
    • Fixed: Console messages related to missing translation IDs showing when dealing with text that is not set to be translated
    • Fixed: Warning messages made by the “ActionList: Run” Action not detailing the Action’s location
    • Fixed: SavesList elements set to display a fixed save to load being visible at all times
    • Fixed: Issue when copy/pasting Unity UI-linked menu elements with multiple slots
    • Fixed: Global variables not always translating correctly at runtime
    • Fixed: ActionList Parameter values being reset opening the “Select Object” window
    • Fixed: Issues with direct-navigation of AC-based Menus
    • Fixed: PopUp preset values not always saving correctly
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    After upgrading to 1.70.3, using Unity 2019.3.0f6, I get following error in the console when playing:
    «ReleaseAllScriptCaches did not release all script caches!»
    (There's no stack trace or further information.)

    Googling the error turns up two issues on Unity's issue tracker, both marked as «Won't Fix» and apparently related to using Unity APIs inside OnBeforeSerialize/OnAfterDeserialize. Unity's documentation is a bit unclear and only notes «Care needs to be taken whilst within these callbacks, as Unity's serializer runs on a different thread to most of the Unity API.» But together with Unity's comment in one of the issues, calling Unity APIs in this context is likely unsafe.

    It looks like ConstantID was updated to use ISerializationCallbackReceiver in 1.70.3 and is now causing this error.

    I reverted back to 1.70.2 and the error no longer occurs.

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