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Best way to toggle the Sorting Map On and Off?

Hi Chris

Unity 2019.2.4f1, AC 1.69.5 (will be upgrading shortly, as I'm particularly interested in the new Objectives Feature)

I need to be able to toggle the Sorting Map on and off from within an ActionList in a 2d Game, so that I can run some unscaled character-based animations in a kind of mini-cutscene (and then return to using the Sorting Map as normal)

I can't see any obvious way to do it from the current ActionList set. Will I need to write a custom one?


  • Ah, ok, never mind, I was looking to turn it off globally, but I see that you can set it on a per-character basis

  • The scene's default Sorting Map can be modified with:

  • Thanks Chris

    I've actually got it all working by using the per-character Sorting, Scale, and SortMap settings (with the characters temporarily put into a new Sorting Layer, to ensure that they're above everything else in the Scene)

    The one thing that I couldn't work out how to do was to turn off the current Tint Map for the duration of the animation. Well, I can see how I could SET a different Tint Map, by using Scene/Change Setting, but there doesn't seem to be the equivalent to the Character Setting "Release" function, to Restore it to its default state

    As it turns out, it's no biggie. Having them affected by the current Tint Map probably looks better aesthetically in any case

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