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Hotspot suggestion

Wondered if we could conform hotspots to our liking? For instance, on a 2d picture, we can shape the hotspot how we like it. I know there is a checkbox for "position over selected mesh" and that would snuggly fit the object but lets say there is a family portrait of 5 people and it would be ideal to edit hotspots to cover individual people in the picture.


  • A Hotspot's shape is bound by the collider attached. By default this is a rectangle, because it has a BoxCollider2D attached, but you can swap this for PolygonCollider2D to re-shape it however you like.

  • Ok fabulous Chris. Will try that out.

  • Ok, that would work in a 2D game. Not for 3D.

    Would you by chance have a PolygonCollider3D? My 2D picture (family portrait) is actually in the 3D game. Or is there another way of tackling this issue?

  • PolygonCollider2D is a Unity component - the equivalent for 3D would be the MeshCollider component, where the collider is based upon a custom mesh's shape.

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