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Rpg style sorting layer

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Hi all,
I'm trying to make a simple top-down ag with Unity 2019.3 and AC 1.70.2
In the Unity Project setting, under Graphics, I choose Custom Axis for Transparency Sort Mode, with X=0 Y=1 Z=0
In this way Unity understand which game object is in front of another (even the player).
AC set camera perspected 2d and movement Unity2d (with direct move for player).

Without defining any Sorting Map and no Defaut camera (so using only the main camera), it works correctly.
But when I create an AC camera, game object on the back of the player stay above the player.

Am I missing something in the config? The camera are set in Orthographic mode...

Someone have already make a game like this?


  • The MainCamera sets its own Transparency Sort Mode to Orthographic, though I should look into making this also account for the global Project Setting.

    In the meantime, you can disable this setting by commenting out lines 717-732 in MainCamera.cs.

  • YES! Worked! Thanks a lot Chris!

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