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Moving clock hands

What is the best way to move the hands of the clock? For instance, you were given instructions to adjust the hands on the clock to say 9:30 and the user goes to the clock, taps the clock, new scene focusing on the clock then the user needs to adjust the hands. When the hands are correctly placed, the hands will change colour. Then a gift is dropped. When task is done, the clock scene is exited, return to previous scene and resume play.


  • How do you want to be able to move them? With each tap causing it to change by 5 minutes, or being able to drag them around freely?

    The Draggable system does actually make the latter possible. If the hand was made a Draggable object, locked to a Hinge Track, then you could grab it and drag it around to the exact time you want.

    The recent "Snapping" feature for such tracks also allows you to force an attached Draggable object's position to pre-determined points along when let go. For example, you could define a snap point for 0, 5, 10, etc. The Moveable: Check track position Action can be used to determine if a given Draggabe object is within a given "snappable region".

    If you place the camera such that it's facing the clock face head-on, best to set the track's Movement input field to Cursor Position, as this'll give you more intuitive control.

  • Thanks Chris. I have got it now. Earlier, I was using curved track as I thought it was a circular object and was the most applicable for the situation. But, under your advice, the hinge track does the same if we choose the full angle.
    The snapping feature works really well. Only issue, is the hands going anti-clockwise. Not a major issue but would like having it going clockwise.

  • edited February 2020

    When snapping? It should go both ways - to the centre of whichever snap region it's within.

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