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[Feature request] Custom or semi-custom menus.

Hey, we have a few custom menus that we'd love to route differently than AC menus. Mainly because we'd like to bound them by custom shapes and not a single rect bound. The root issue with that is that then we clickthrough the menus onto gameplay surfaces (navmesh surface, hotspots, etc.) I was wondering, whether it could be possible to add IsPointerInsideCustom to the menus themselves. (Then we could have AC menus but without any AC assigned menu items. And our custom scripts would take care of interactions inside those menus. AC would take care of the menus appearing and dissapearing at the right time and through custom IsPointerInside which we would register to and feed the true/false data, whether to block or pass through clicks that are behind the menu)


  • You can check Unity UI blocks interaction and movement? in the Settings Manager to have mouse clicks over Unity UI elements prevent movement and interaction, regardless of whether or not they're explicitly linked to any Menu.

    The effect this has is handled in the UnityUIBlocksClick functions in PlayerMovement and PlayerInteraction - both are virtual so that they can be overridden if necessary.

  • Thank you! Sorry, I missed the option. That's exactly what I need!

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