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[Bug] Home button in dialog action goes too far

There was a recent change in ActionList Editor: a home button now scrolls the list to the top.
Which is fine, except for one case: when you type text in in "PlaySpeech" action.

When I type a text normally I expect a standard behavior of the home button that words the same in every text editor. Which is moving the cursor to the beginning of the line.

But now when I press the home button not only it gets me out of the dialog I was editing, but scrolls the entire screen up. So I loose the focus of the line and the action. It's hard not to use home button when I type dialog, as this is standard behavior really.

So to fix it, it would be best if home button in text controls worked like it does everywhere else, unless the focus is out. Just like chrome browser does on this very website: when you type in the search control and press "home", it moves the cursor. But when the focus is out it scrolls the website.

It would be perfect, because right now it could be really annoying for my neighbors. I keep swearing each time I forget not to press "home" while I type my dialogs. And I type them a lot. And I forget about "don't touch home" rule.

Everything else is amazing and the objectives feature I really love.



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