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Bug: Autosave after camera kills transition

I have an action list that is triggered on scene start. Two last actions are: Camera switch with transition time 2 seconds and then autosave action. Camera action does not have "wait until finish" checked.

When the game runs autosave routine, the previous camera action doesn't wait 2 seconds. It skips immediately to the new camera, ignoring those 2 seconds of smooth movement.

I tried to run SaveSystem.SaveAutoSave() from a script, right after camera action starts. The result is the same: the camera is being switched instantly to a new position instead of moving smoothly over 2 seconds.

Is there something I can do about it? It's clearly a bug. But if it is something that is hard to fix, I can live with that.


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    This is as intended. The camera transition is not saved - so loading the save file places the camera at the destination.

    If it's necessary to have such a transition upon loading the Autosave, you can run an OnLoad Cutscene that performs it with another pair of Camera: Switch Actions (one two snap to the first camera, another to transition to the second).

  • I understand, it makes sense. But it does not happen when I'm loading the game, it happens when I'm saving it.

    Right after autosaving the game (no loading here) camera jumps to a new position with no transition.

  • Sorry, thanks for clearing that up.

    I shall look into it, though one way around it would be to place the Autosave in a separate Cutscene that has a delay timer on it, and then trigger that Cutscene after moving the camera.

  • Oh yes, I can get around it. It's nothing critical. Still it's a bit strange behavior.
    So I'll just leave things as they are for now, in hope it will be fixed in one of the future releases.

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