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[Bug (probably)] Resume Path with Retro Style Movement

Hi Chris

Unity 2019.2.4f1, AC 1.70.4

To recreate:

Set up a new Scene, with an NPC (I used Bird from the 2D Demo) following a Path

Add a Hotspot to enable an ActionList to be run. It should consist of:

-Character, Move Along Path, Stop Moving
-Wait 1 second
-Character, Move Along Path, Resume Path

Run the Scene, and everything should work as expected. On executing the ActionList the NPC will stop, wait, and then resume its Path

Now change the NPC's "Retro Style Movement" to True

Run the Scene. On executing the ActionList the NPC will stop, but will not resume the path

I only discovered that it was the Retro Style Movement that was the fly in the ointment when I was setting up a test scene in order to enable you to replicate the problem. The workround, for me, is clearly just to NOT use Retro Style Movement (which is not that big a deal, and to be honest I can't even remember why I had it set for my NPCs in the first place), but I thought I should report the problem anyway


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