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Drag'n'drop doesn't work on older Android (AC 1.70.4)

Question about using drag'n'drop on Android.
While using AC 1.69.0 everything was fine on any Android.
Since updating to 1.70.4 Android 9 works fine, but Android 5.11 doesn't work. Or work extremely slow.
Any ideas why this could happen?


  • Please be exact about the nature of the problem. What is the actual behaviour?

    Are you using AC or Unity UI for your Inventory menu display? If Unity UI, what is the effect of this wiki script?

  • Unity UI. I'll try to capture a video of the behavior. Also we'll look into this script.

  • Unfortunately, we can't use script provided. We have already Rewired set for using gamepads.

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    Does the issue occur without Rewired? At the moment, it's not clear if the issue lies with AC or not.

  • It works well with AC 1.69 but doesn't with 1.70

  • Even so, does dropped Rewire make a difference?

    I have made minor adjustments to the drag-and-drop system as part of the upcoming v1.71 update. PM me if you would like to be involved in testing - it may be that this has been addressed.

  • We can't drop Rewired because without it we'll have no control.

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    We still need to be able to rule it out as a contributing factor - learning the source of the problem is the first step in solving it.

    If need be, create a new project with basic drag-and-drop using the default Unity UI interface - without Rewired - and test it on the same device that you're having trouble with.

    It works well with AC 1.69 but doesn't with 1.70

    You mentioned v1.70.4 before - was it working in v1.70.0 before further upgrading to v1.70.4? Determining which exact version brought about the issue will also help narrow this down - I can send you past releases to test with if necessary.

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