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Camera not switching and game play not pausing

Hello Chirs,

I have a weird issue going on. On my NPC I have a hotspot that switches the camera to a simple camera and after that, I have a command that runs a conversation. But for some reason, the camera switching is not happening and the first person player (UFPS) is pausing gameplay to choose the options for the conversation. The conversation options appear but I can't select them with the mouse. The camera does not want to lock. I am using Unity 2019.3 and AC v1.69.4


  • UFPS 1 or 2?

    I'm not clear on the relation between the Player and the game being paused - they should be independent. Can you confirm that AC's in Pause mode by enabling the AC Status box at the bottom of the Settings Manager?

    If AC is in Pause mode, this should typically only be due to a Pause menu being enabled - might this be the case?

    We'll also need to determine if UFPS is causing interference. Temporarily switch to AC's own First Person mode (you can just place Tin Pot in the scene) - does the same thing occur?

    When using First Person movement, gameplay will always rely on the First Person camera. You can, however, temporarily switch your "Movement method" to "None" using the Engine: Manage systems Action. Does doing so before the other commands solve the issue?

  • Hi Chris,

    thank you for your reply. I am using UFSP 1.

    so normally the gameplay should pause when a conversation is run. But mine is not pausing. Here is a link to a video I captured to show you exactly what I mean.

    I think somewhere I enabled the option to run gameplay during a conversation but I can't find that option.

    When I used Tin Pot it dit exactly the same.

  • I think it is definitely a setting I changed because if I reload the Demo settings manager it works fine. So I just got to find the setting that I changed.

  • So your Pause menu is actually showing up?

    What's it's Appear type set to? Could it be that it's "appear type condition" is being inadvertently met?

  • The appear type is During Coversation

  • Hi, Chris, I solved the problem, I unticked Run conversation in first-person for some weird reason. Thanks a lot.

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