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Unity 5.3: WebGL

Just installed Unity 5.3 (I never seem to learn: wait a couple of weeks for patches, let the community do your debugging!) and obviously had to try WebGL for the first time in ages, as this seems to be one of the major focus areas of this release.

My current project builds without any major complaints, but won't run in a browser from my local file system. Tried uploading to my web server, but seem to have configuration issues regarding MIME types.

I thought it might be useful to start a thread here to share observations on this, especially because there might be some AC-specific issues to deal with - and the signal-to-noise ratio here is much better than on the main Unity sites.

Posted in "Adventure talk" because it's not really something Chris should worry about until AC is the issue, in which case we can deal with it in "Technical Q&A".

Right ... I'm on IIS and trying to find the correct server configuration for that - will post any findings!


  • OK, managed to get IIS to serve the files - but apparently the memory footprint is too big for Chrome, Firefox and IE. Not a big surprise as I've not done anything to reduce memory usage.

    A minimal non-AC project works fine, though, so the next logical step is getting a minimal AC project running.
  • Wheee - got it running in Firefox!  \m/

    Doesn't look pretty, but it runs ...
  • And in Chrome ...  :)
  • Cool! I tested some months ago with while in preview. I need to recheck some test with 5.3 since WebGL is very important (the Unity Player is in deprecation mode). I want to see what happens with Safari, since the last time it wasn't working there...
  • Still not working with latest version of Safari ...  :(
  • Still not working with latest version of Safari ...  :(
  • Alright - getting some really promising results with 5.3 - I'm planning to put a short demo online during the weekend (if I survive the office christmas party tomorrow ...)
  • Testing ... quick scene done in a couple of hours (using a Fuse character thrown together for the occasion with some skinning issues, but that's not important right now)

    Trying to see what's possible at this point - navmesh is not properly set up right now, and there are no interactions and just two cameras - but will expand on it over the next couple of days.

    Give it a try:

  • Currently looks like this:

  • My own tests with AC's demos in WebGL have generally been OK.  The main issue being Tin Pot's "AutoLipSync" script, which involves processing AudioClips in real-time - something WebGL doesn't seem able to do.
  • I expect there's going to be lots of complex and computationally heavy things that will remain a problem due to the singlethreaded JavaScript runtime environment.
  • Hi,

    @Snebjorn I have tested your link with Safari 9.0.2 (Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5) and it works fine. ;)
  • Cool - I'm planning to update it with actual gameplay features very soon, so stay tuned!  :)
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