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Subtitle effects? (font, speed, voice)

Having recently purchased Adventure Creator, one of the features I've been enjoying is the subtitles and their various settings. Something I've been wondering however, is if settings like scroll speed, typing voice, and color can be actively changed during speech. For example, if I'm making a game where characters mostly speak through text, I'd like to change the speed and voice of their text scroll based on the tone or scenario (slower text implying slower speech). Not only that, but while you can change the color of each speaker's text, I'd like to change the color of specific sections of text, such as keywords to hint the player of something important like and item.


  • Welcome to the community, @Gibbagobba.

    AC's speech system supports Unity's Rich Text feature - the link shows you how you can use tags to re-colour individual characters/words.

    The speech system also supports tokens like [wait:1] that, when inserted into the subtitle text, causes the scrolling to pause.  While you could do that in-between every character to slow the text down, you'd be better off writing a custom Action that you can use to set the scroll speed / typing voice / basically control any property before each Dialogue: Play speech Action.

    A tutorial on writing custom Actions can be found here.

    To control the scroll-speed, you want to set this value:

    AC.KickStarter.speechManager.textScrollSpeed = 10f;

    That link will take you to the property's entry in the Scripting Guide, which can be used to find out all of AC's public variables.  The front page of the Scripting Guide explains how you can access each of AC's scripts.
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    Thanks, this helps a lot. I'm not very scripting-savvy, but there's enough here that I can effectively use.

    As for changing voices, I was considering some kind of workaround. I do believe that conversations can include more than two characters given that you set who is saying what at any moment. Given this, would it be possible to create changing voices by creating a non-rendered character object for an existing one with the same name and location but with a different voice file?

    Oh yeah, and I noticed a bug with coloring text. If the text is scrolling, it spells out the color tag, rights the speech, and then only colors the text after the tag has been closed. It's like the scrolling is actively reading the text rather than having the effects prepared ahead of time.
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    Can't edit my previous post anymore for some reason, but I noticed that this bug applies to all rich text tags, not just color. Also, my workaround did work.
  • Pre-empting rich text tags when scrolling is a difficult feature that I will look into implementing in the future - I apologise that I did not consider it in my first reply.
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    I noticed another weird bug that I assume has to do with pre-reading text. When using animated facial expressions through speech tokens, I'm telling the portrait to change to a single-frame image, but it continues using the animated image up until the wait token after the expression change. It's like it's reading the expression token without actually displaying it. Oddly, the only way I've found to fix this is simply have the wait token and expression token with speech on different return/enter lines. The problem with this is that it screws up the text formatting.

    I also have another bug where the default and first portrait expression is a single frame. The speech is told to wait for half a second before changing to the talking image. However, it switches to the talking token immediately.
  • Please post more detail and screenshots for both of these problems.  It's a complicated area, so I'll need as much info as you can provide to fix it.
  • :O :O :O :O

    I have just discovered rich text feature. Mind. Blown!!!!
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