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Font size

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Hi! I would like to increase the font size more then 4! is that achievable?


  • If you have some technical skill this is very possible. I did the same thing recently to increase the values for inventory box grid size and slots etc. You have to find the AC script that controls the menu element you want to increase the font size on, then inside, trace back to where the definition for the maximum font size is, and change that from 4 to a higher number. Sorry if the explanation is a little vague, but I'd have to open up AC to find out exactly which script you'd need to edit. Let me know if you can find it and otherwise I can have a look when I have time.
  • In fact, with the recent version of Unity you can insert your own rich text code into the menu system.

    You can make colour and style changes, as well as size.  I'd post some example code, but the forum formatter will rewrite it.  Look here and you'll see what you can do.

  • I have the same problem, I want to create a resolution independent Menü for my mobile device. I did choose manual size (80% width) the textsize of 4 is way to small for this kind of menu. I did try your suggestion with the richtext attribute <size> in the game view it looks well. When i install the app on my device it wont work...

    Please let me know why there is a limitation to 4 in the settings can you increase it? Or if not why would you advise against solution?
  • Its in the 

    MenuElement.cs script

    search for this line, here you can replace 4f with whatever you like. Is that the correct way Chris?

    fontScaleFactor = EditorGUILayout.Slider ("Text size:", fontScaleFactor, 1f, 4f);

  • Yes, you can do it that way - but it's recommended to switch to Unity UI if you can.  When you use Unity UI, you design it all through the Inspector and Scene View - so there's no design limitations set out by AC.  Unity UI Canvases can be linked to AC easily - see this tutorial.
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