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Support reduction from 10th - 30th April 2017 *PLEASE READ*

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After 3½ years and 110 updates.. it's time for a short break.

From Monday 10th, I'll be taking a holiday for three weeks - with a plan to return on 1st May.  

During this time, my role on the forum will be chiefly limited to responding to critical and time-sensitive issues.  Do not fret, though: measures are in place to ensure technical questions are still answered, but new feature requests will not be responded to until I return.  Apologies to those affected, but in order to maintain the level of development and support necessary for AC, it's important to take some time out to avoid burnout.

I shall be checking my emails every 3-4 days, so know that you can still PM me if you do have an urgent message.  However, we are a community now - so I invite all those who are able to, to chip in and try to help others as and when they can.  To those with technical issues and questions, please see the forum rules page - which details the kind of information necessary to give help.

Also, do be sure to check out the tutorials, AC wiki, and scripting guide resources, which may be of help.

Thanks to all for your understanding and patience.  I'll be back soon.


PS: v1.56g has been submitted to the Asset Store - look out for it shortly.


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