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Above Speaking Character menu - is not above head on some npcs

Im trying to get little speech bubbles above characters heads. I see it has come on a lot in this respect and is totally possible now, looks bad ass. Though I have a couple of issues, but currently my most important one is that when using "Above Speaking Character" it works on some characters and not others. Im not exactly sure why but the text doesnt float above most peoples heads (it might be cool if there was a way to set an offset for different characters somehow?).

I have attached 2 screenshots to show what I mean, hopefully someone has some idea. 

not working


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    My other issue is that if I turn around and am not looking at the NPC, then the speech bubble appears kind of in the middle of the screen. I see as I turn they kind of bunch of in the corner which I assume is the intended behaviour (and is pretty cool because you can still read it as you continue walking). But as I continue to turn why does it then jump to middle of the screen rather than staying in the corner/side ?

    Really loving this feature of the menu system, endless possibilities!!
  • For my first issue I searched forum and found "Speech menu placement child field", what a godly option! Works great!!

    2nd problem im still facing, I should mention im using UFPS too.
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    Regarding the first issue (for those revisiting this thread), AC attempts to "guess" the height of a character based on their collider height and local scale.  It may have been that one of the characters was set up differently to the other.

    Regarding the second, I shall attempt a recreation.  Are you using AC or Unity UI to render the menu, and does it occur if you rely on a non-UFPS first-person player, e.g. Tin Pot?  Please also post your Unity/AC version numbers.
  • Im using AC to render it,unity 2018.2 0b9, AC 1.62.6. I paused my game turned off the ufps guy and put in tin pot, I couldnt move him. But I was able to drag him in and out of the trigger, but nothing happened so I was unable to check. Not sure why because he seemed like he was tagged right etc, or maybe the player is assigned at the start of the game and doesnt change? I can try another test if so.

    As for the speech bubble thing, it would be good if there was an option to hide them when their "placement child field" item is offscreen.

  • Tin Pot should work fine with Triggers etc, but you'll need to restart the scene/game - pausing won't work.  You can place him in the scene Hierarchy itself to have him override the default one spawned in via the Settings Manager.

    Noted, re: hide option.
  • Hello

    I've not been active here for some while now. It's nice to be back. It's nice to feel that I learned a lot the first time around. I've been working on a very small game this time - using Unity 2020.3.32f1 / AC 1.79.1

    I've been exploring how to make speech bubbles with the classic little triangle coming from the main white speech area but not having much luck. I found this post, which seemed to suggest that this kind of thing is possible within AC.

    Specifically I want to be able to create a little tag that points to the mouth of the character, and to round the edges of the white background texture.

    I have looked around but couldn't find anything specific about that in the Subtitles menu or in the settings menu. I was intrigued by this post because it seemed to suggest such a thing was easy (the working graphic implies this is possible). I've been wondering if I should simply create a graphic for a speech bubble to use as a background texture but can foresee that this will create a problem with scaling, depending upon the size of the text.

    Am I looking in the right place? Have I missed something, or does one need to start custom coding for this? Thanks.

  • A "Speech bubble" UI template can be found on the Downloads page. It may require tweaking to get the exact way you intend, but it should at least get you most of the way there.

  • Hi Chris,

    It's nice to read you again. It's really wonderful how many games have developed in the last couple of years and incredible that you're still developing AC. The current showreel is awesome! Hats off.

    Thanks for that tip. I have plugged the "Speech bubble' UI in and am having general success with it.

    A thing that I can't figure out, which you allude to above where you wrote,

    AC attempts to "guess" the height of a character based on their collider height and local scale.

    is that (like with RadiantBoy) the positioning of the speech bubble is different for different characters and particularly for my Player Character. The bubble looks OK with one line of dialogue but as soon as there are more lines of dialogue, it obscures the face of the player. (see here) It's working out nicely for the two kids in the giant robot, but is rather high for the cat musicians.

    Now that I am using a unity UI component, I can't for the life of me figure out how to adjust this height or position of the subtitles for the PC, or the others. I tried adjusting the size of the circle collider on the player's main Game Object, and for the cat musicians, but this didn't make any difference. I also fiddled around with the anchor presets on the SubtitlesUI 'panel' game object in the prefab, but that didn't seem to change where the speech bubble was appearing or how it was handling more lines of dialogue either.

    Is there a workaround or way to tweak this on a case by case basis, or - how should I set up my characters differently so that it works for all of them? I can't understand how AC is deciding where to place the subtitles. Note: as most of the NPCs are non-mobile, I have detached them from the sorting map.


  • Thanks @smokeincaves, it's good to have you back as well.

    By default, AC will try to place the menu according to the character's sprite. You can adjust this on a per-character basis, however, by assigning an object in their Speech menu placement child field. This is best set as a child of the character's root, so that you can move it to exactly where you'd like it.

  • Ahh! Amazing.

    So I just created an Empty Game Object for each character, called its subsMarker, placed it as a child of my character's root object, positioned it where I wanted the speech to appear and it did! This has totally fixed my problem. Thanks, Chris.

    Now to figure out how to get a neat little triangle to appear in the middle without distorting the entire speech bubble...

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