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Characters to limit to, looping strange

When you enter a lot of characters in to the limit to character field (in menu) and use a ; to separate them, sooner or later the textfield wrapping sort of breaks and gets confusing. The only way to see everything you have entered is to make the AC game editor window really wide. Would it be possible to code in some sort of wrapping here to stop the confusion? You can recreate just by entering say 10 names. The way it is now i accidentially keep editing in the middle of my string. 


  • I'll look into it.  What if you copy the string into a text editor, amend there, and paste back in?
  • yes good idea doing that would work perfectly. Thats how I do my dialog windows because the action list editor is still far too slow to be usable here. Btw I did profile it but ive forgotten exactly wat oit was it was something like gui.tickpaint taking 90% of the time, I will check again.
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