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Feature request: Let the "Dialogue: Start conversation" be able to continue to another action

Hi there,

For various reasons I prefer not to override conversation options. It would be very helpful if the "Dialogue: Start conversation" could be set to continue to another action once the conversation has ended. Doable?



  • I think you can achieve that using the After Running -> Run Cutscene in the dialogue lines that stop the conversation.
  • Thanks for the idea, however, that requires one duplication for every option that stops the conversation plus it makes it really hard to get an overview of the logic.
  • It just dawned on me that if the player clicked on a dialog option that would lead to another conversation being started, then my suggestion wouldn't make much sense.

    I would still love the option of setting off one or a series of conversations and then being able to specify what would happen after it/them though. But I realize now it's not as straight forward as I first thought..
  • Interesting idea.

    There is a separation between the display of dialogue options, and the ActionLists that clicking them result in, which could make it somewhat unreliable - but I shall have a think and see if it's possible.
  • Yes, this should be do-able - with the caveat that both Allow regular gameplay during Conversations? and Override options? are disabled.
  • Interesting, Those caveats would not be a problem at least in my scenario.
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