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Problem with multiple playerstart

in a scene I have 2 playerstart, configured with the correct property "Previous scene that activate" but, in game, when I return in that scene from various other scenes, the player always start at the default PlayerStart marker...


  • Is the scene name spelt correctly and with the same CaSe? Can you try with the scene number? I had this briefly, the workaround for me at the time was to use the scene number instead of the name. Seems to have resolved itself now though.
  • Any messages in the Console?  And what Unity/AC version numbers?

    @KevRev: Same for you, please.  Referring to a scene by name shouldn't be an issue.
  • @ChrisIceBox all my scene references are by name. It was a while ago I experienced this problem and testing it using scene number was a useful workaround. Also told me the action list I was running and the scene file I was coming from were valid. I can't recall how I resolved it, but it's likely it was just something simple like a spelling mistake.
  • In my case the "previous scene that activate" is by number. No log in the console. AC version 1.65.1
    I have a onStart cutscene that check the previous scene by number and in one case starts a specific player's animation.
  • Please post a screenshot of your Settings Manager's "Scene loading" section.

    Also, let me know the results of:
    1) Removing the OnStart cutscene from the Scene Manager.
    2) Removing the Default PlayerStart from the Scene Manager.
  • In the "Scene loading" section I have only the "Load scenes asynchronously" checkbox checked.

    I tried to remove the OnStart cutscene and, then, the Default PlayerStart but the behavior does not change: the main character starts always from the old playerstart marker.
    I try with a new testing project...
  • Please do.  If you can get this recreated in a fresh project with minimal assets, PM it to me and I'll investigate - so far, I can't recreate the issue.
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