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Feature request: VR

Please enable VR in AC. I mean, not just the MainCameraVR prefab and the ClickByHoveringCursorUtility options, but complete VR integration that just works out of the box. I don't care much for VR but apparently people do, and I've suffered greatly trying to get a project I did with AC to work in VR, because that was demanded. It does not have to be anything fancy like being ready made for Oculus or the Windows MR headsets. Simple cardboard support would suffice for a start. 

I found for example, simple VR integration, works with Google Cardboard, it would have been good if AC had this sort of integration built in, that supports mid range phones and does not rely on expensive / complicated gadgets to serve a VR experience. As it is, I've not been able to get even that to work with AC, and I've tried with VRTK, the Oculus SDK, it's clearly non trivial sifting through different bits and pieces and getting them to work together, without coding so many things from scratch, which I can't. If that has to be done to create something in VR in AC, then why not just have an implementation that's purpose built for AC and just works out of the box, as part of the AC distribution? 

That's my conclusion after 3 painful months trying to get past this.


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    You offer no detail as to what it is exactly it is you're trying to do, what you've done so far, or where you've gotten stuck.

    How a project works in VR is always going to be unique to that project.  There's no "just works" approach you can take, even when not considering all the different platforms and VR SDKs.  What needs you have is always going to be different from the next user.

    As the Manual makes clear, AC is not designed for VR.  So that users may attempt it on their own, however, it provides the tools to write their own integrations based on their own needs.  Custom events, the API, etc, are all there to help those looking to tackle it.  The included scripts are named "Example" - they are there to demonstrate the various approaches you can take.

    There are those that have managed it - see, for example, this thread.  I would suggest contacting users who have managed it on their own, and also sharing more detail about what it is exactly you're looking to achieve.
  • I've reconsidered this since I made the post and thought maybe this should not be a feature request but a request for tutorials / tips from those who have been successful at integrating AC with different VR sdks / toolkits they work with, or a request for a sample project as a learning resource. Especially in view of your preference for concentrating more on making AC adaptable to the different needs that VR projects may throw up. Having said that, a sample project that, for instance, runs on gaze based mechanics using Google cardboard (as a minimum standard) and can be built out to android, would be very helpful. In my specific case, I have narrowed down my needs to gaze based mechanics. The player is only running around, picking up access cards and unlocking portals, I can avoid any need for controllers since I have no grab mechanics or anything like that and only need interaction at two levels: 1) to be able to activate hotspots, and 2) to be able to trigger menu elements. Navigation being the third, but I reckon that can be achieved with the cardboard button. I've rewired all my menus to be sourced from Unity Prefabs (set to worldspace) towards this end (except for an issue with Menu buttons not being interactive -not clickable, no highlights when cursor hovers over them - when Unity Prefabs are used, which doesn't happen when AC menus are used referenced here). I've also managed to get the menus to appear in world space at a set transform in front of the camera, using an empty game object and a line of code that lets me adjust their location relative to that empty, in the inspector. For good measure, I also added a Look At script to each menu prefab, with the first person camera set as object to look at, this helps keep the menu in front of and looking at the camera as the player moves around. The combination of the WorldSpaceCursorExample and the ClickByHoveringCursorExample scripts however, has been touch and go. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn't and I'm not clear on what decides which it would be. I would have hoped the WorldSpaceCursorExample would at least help lock the cursor onto a hotspot or menu element once it passes close enough to it. For me, it skips between objects and is not finely tuned at all. If the gaze mechanism could work properly all the time, and Unity UI prefab menus could stay interactive, and I could dock a menu in my preferred position after it appears, and then release the cursor (in VR) so it can go on to select a menu element, If I could achieve stereo camera rendering without conflicting with AC's camera system, and compile the final thing to an android apk I can run successfully on an android device using Google Cardboard, and hopefully side load it to an Oculus Go for good measure. I'd be a very happy person!
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