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[Bug] Inventory item drag stops working at high timescales

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We are currently using a timescale speed up to streamline testing and reduce burden on our playtester. One of the bugs that appeared is that at a large timescale inventory item dragging stops working, it starts erratically triggering combine-with-self attempts.

I'm trying to investigate the precise problem point, but I haven't figured anything out beyond that.

The inventory menu setup is:
Menu Source: Unity Ui Prefab
Inventory box type: Default

Edit #1: Seems like CanClick is the culprit.


  • edited July 2019

    Edit #2: In PlayerInput.cs -> GetDeltaTime() returning Time.unscaledDeltaTime seems to solve the problem and work reasonably well with Pause mode as well, without custom constants. I haven't tested all the cases, but from what I understand the original GetDeltaTime() strives to do exactly what Time.unscaledDeltaTime does. Possibly written waaay before unscaledDeltaTime was introduced. (Since I think unscaledDeltaTime it's relatively recent)

  • I suspect your hunch is correct - thanks for the feedback, I'll investigate.

    For completeness, what Timescale are you testing with, and what are your AC/Unity version numbers?

  • I'm currently at 1.67.5 and my timescale is 10. (Strictly meant for testers to blitz to relevant game points)

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