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Difficulty Using Direct Controlled Menus (AC source)

I have a menu that opens as an inventory item's Use action list, however navigating the menu buttons is awkward, as for some reason the buttons at the top and bottom of the menu use left and right to move between them instead of up and down, even though their Element Orientations are listed as Vertical.

Other menus, such as the Pause menu, work without issue. All Menus' Source are the default Adventure Creator setup (though I'll probably change to Unity UI eventually anyway, I'm just trying to work out why it works this way).

AC 1.68.4
Unity 2018.3.14


  • Unity UI offers a lot more flexibility so far as directly-navigating menus. When using AC, it's automated based on the centre-points of each element.

    I can't really offer much else without seeing the menu in question. Let's see shots of the Menu as it appears in-game, as well as it's properties (both the Menu and the Elements in it).

  • In-game Menu:

    Menu Properties

    Menu Properties 2

    To clear up what I said before, the issue is actually this:
    When hovering over "Equip" if I press down, it will actually skip "use/combine" and go to "Back"

    To get to "Back" I need to press right or left, and to get off of "Back" and select "Equip" or "use/combine" again I have to press right or left, instead of up or down.

    Hopefully this makes sense.

  • Yes, I think it's due to the centre-points of the "Equip" and "Back" buttons being more to the left than the "Use/Combine" button - since they're a lot more narrow.

    Try setting their Size fields to Manual, and increasing their widths so that they match the middle button.

  • That's it, increasing the widths fixed it, thank you. It still allows you to select "use / combine" with left / right for some reason (I'm guessing that's related to size as well), but does work as intended with up and down.

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