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Check which character a dialogue line is showing text of

I've knocked together a system for a speech bubble to use with background, non-blocking speech. It can follow the player around quite happily, thanks to AC, but I've also given it a dynamic "tail", that will point to whoever's talking. That's the idea, at least - right now it can only do it for the player.

Is there any way to check which character's speech is assigned to a UI that's been instatiated for this line?


  • I'm not sure what information you have, but here's a hacky way to get started from no information.

    This gets a list of all active speech, then gets all the menus assigned to that speech, and then the character that is speaking from the speech object attached to the menu.

    `List list = KickStarter.dialog.speechList;

    foreach(Speech item in list)
    Menu[] menus = KickStarter.playerMenus.GetMenusAssignedToSpeech(item);
    foreach(Menu menu in menus)
    Speech _speech = menu.speech;

  • That's along the right lines, but if you know which Canvas is being used, you can use that to find the Menu class and then the Speech class:

    Menu myMenu = KickStarter.playerMenus.GetMenuWithCanvas (myCanvas);
    Speech mySpeech = myMenu.speech;
    Char myChar = mySpeech.GetSpeakingCharacter ();
  • It's working, fantastic! I've gotten it to look for a marker on the characters' chests, otherwise the arrow seems to think their feet are talking.

    Thanks for your support!

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