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Problems with saves in UWP build

We started to test build for UWP (Universal Windows Platform) and encountered some problems with saves.

Please, see the Google doc for detailed description.


  • As with consoles, AC doesn't officially support Windows Store (see the FAQ) - but with your feedback I can consider making changes to AC's core to reduce the tinkering needed to get it working.

    On certain platforms, XML can be unreliable - in which case, I recommend to go with Json.

    For compilation safety, save location is hard-coded in the SaveSystem and SaveFileHandler_SystemFile scripts. See the top of them for mentions of "UNITY_WINRT". If you remove these mentions, saving to the Application.persistentDataPath will be enabled - if results are successful for you, I'll consider lifting this restriction.

    A similar restriction is in place for the Binary save format - in FileFormatHandler_Binary. Again, see how results differ with this removed, and let me know how they go.

  • Thanks.
    We'll try to do everything by the end of the week and will let you know.

  • I want let you know that your advice helped. You can use UNITY_WSA_10_0 for screenshots.

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