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Hello! I'm seeing there is a Spring Sale with a lot of assets at 50%. I'm developing my game in Adventure Creator, but I want to know which assets can be compatible with this one. I want to add a few puzzles, for example an unlock puzzle to open doors, a jigsaw to unlock documents, etc.. But I don't know really which assets I can buy taking advantage of the spring sale that can be compatible with AC, so i can add more puzzles to my game.

For example:

Hoping you can help me :)


  • When it comes to scripting-based assets, there's no "set way" to integrate them - as the way they behave both together and separately will always vary from asset to asset.

    AC tries to take a general approach in that it offers a few ways to disable itself while another one kicks in. If you place your separate puzzle in a scene of it's own (i.e. not an AC one), then AC will go to sleep when you switch to it - and wake up again when you leave.

    The Engine: Manage systems Action can also be used to selectively disable some AC systems while keeping others - which is useful when e.g. wanting to show a puzzle in an AC scene but wanting to prevent normal player movement and Hotspot clicks.

    See the "Integrating other gameplay" chapter in the Manual for more. I appreciate this is more general than specific advice, though. If you go ahead and purchase such an asset, however, I'm sure we can get things working together.

  • Ok, I will look for an asset for this then, and then I will do as you tell me, if I can pause AC when puzzles are solved then i think it doesn't have an issue for this. Thanks a lot for the advice! :D

  • Hello Again, im too lost on this. i've have downloaded this asset but when I want to import in a new scene without activating AC it show me this message.

    How can I import a new asset if it delete the AC setting :S.

  • Assets classified as "Complete Projects" on the Asset Store have this behaviour.

    AC doesn't have such requirements, but it does have a couple of Layers / Inputs that need to be defined.

    Back up your project first, but you should be able to Import this new asset. It will overwrite the Layers and Inputs that AC needs, though, but the default ones will be re-added automatically. You'll need to re-add any custom Layers, Tags and Inputs that you've defined yourself, though.

  • Thanks! I'm trying this, I had seen that this info is in Project settings in the "TagManager.asset" file, so I've backup it and copy again so I keep that info. Is there any other file that I just need to backup and copy so I don't loose any important file from AC after importing other assets?

    Thanks a lot for the help :D.

  • I've had problems myself in copy/pasting Project settings files in the past, but I suppose the other would be InputManager. Again, AC will restore anything it needs to - but otherwise it'll be a case of restoring any manual changes you made to Unity's Project Settings.

  • perfect then. Thanks a lot, I will see how is going :D.

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