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Interrogation UI

Well, i will try to be clear because i don´t know if I can explain it in English as I want.

My idea´s to create an interrogation UI when you have a list of names, to ask. the 2 characters, 1 The interrogator(the main character), and the other the character of turn. Something like this:

Obviously I don´t want to lost the traditional subtitle that are outside the interrogation.


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    The list of names to ask would be a Conversation, and would be displayed in a menu that has a DialogList set to appear "During Conversation".

    The character graphics could either be part of the menu as well - or you could switch to a dedicated "Interrogation" scene and have them be part of the scene itself as new characters.

    To prevent your regular subtitles menu from showing during this time, you'll have to lock it when the sequence begins using the Menu: Change state Action.

    A "Gabriel Knight UI" template, which shows how you can create a UI that combines dialogue speech, character graphics, and dialogue options, into one menu, can be found on the Downloads page.

  • Oh, i don´t know how I lost to see that. Another thing how to add another portrait. Like one for the normal subtitles and other for the interrogator?

  • As I said, you can lock your regular subtitles menu during interrogation sequences in favour of a separate set using the "Menu: Change state" Action.

    When a menu is locked, it will not turn on even when it's "Appear type" condition is met.

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