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Using a frame for the camera?

In my game, I would like to have the main camera be a frame that takes up only a portion of the screen (mainly for formatting purposes with different devices.) My screen should be as follows: the camera is shown on the main left portion of the screen, and the inventory+pause button is on the right side of the screen. Is there any way to make it so the camera only takes up a portion of the screen instead of the whole screen?!
(The image is an example of a game that does a very similar version of how I would like my screen to look.)


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    AC's camera area adapts automatically based on the device's "Safe area", as well as any aspect ratio you may be enforcing.

    The camera rendering, however, will have to occupy the whole area you want anything to appear - including your inventory menu to the side.

    You can use a Unity UI-based menu to add a full-screen border to the game window, though. One menu for the camera border on the left, and another for the inventory on the right (overlaid on top of the first menu).

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    Ok. Is there any way to make the corners rounded? (aside from putting an overlay)

  • Sorry, my last comment may not be super clear. When I say overlay, I mean a rounded frame that goes over everything, set within a UI.

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    Whichever method you choose is going to involve custom graphics for the rounded corners, but using an overlay seems like the way to go to me.

  • Alright. Thanks so much!

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