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Sound volume preferences save

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Here is the situation:
-Game level starts. Volume set at some level (Sound and Music).
- Through menu we set volume level to 0. Sound mutes to 0 like it should,
- Exit game
- Start game again. Sound plays at default volume BUT once we enter the Setting menu it loads last preference (where volume was set to 0)

Looks like it loads player preferences only when Menu starts. Any idea where we should look to fix this?


  • The saved sound levels should be applied when the game begins as Options data is loaded. The Console should report a message about this on startup.

    Is the sound that plays on startup using the "Play On Awake" checkbox in the AudioSource component? Try instead using the "Sound: Play" Action in your scene's OnStart cutscene to ensure that it runs before the Options data is loaded in.

    Otherwise, I'll need full details on how to recreate the issue - including screenshots and AC/Unity versions. There isn't enough detail at the moment for me to experience such an issue.

  • Thanks. It almost helped (replacing PlayOnAwake with Sound Play). But still,for a half of a second sound plays at normal volume then goes to stored preferences. It looks like level starts a little bit faster than preferences being loaded.
    Unity 2019.4.21.f1
    AC 1.72.4

  • Then I'll need those extra details on how to recreate it. Are you using Mixer Groups?

  • No, I'm not. Here is an example of sound.

    Sound starts in OnStart action list

    I'll try to record a video for you.

  • Give your Action a comment, and have it be displayed in the Console via the bottom of the Settings Manager. Does it appear before the message related to loading PlayerPrefs?

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