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Version 1.42 - improved workflow, new conversations and custom saving



  • It is possible to use Puppet2D o similar assets for animations with AC? Thanks!
  • @fernas Adventure Creator allows for relatively easy integration with custom animation systems, but it will inevitably require some coding. 
    We've done so with Spine, and I suppose you shouldn't have any problem with Puppet2D. 

    Nevertheless, if Puppet2D has some form of integration with mecanim, then no coding should be required, since AC it's fully mecanim compatible. 
  • Anyone know why after updating, my UFPS character hiccups every time he jumps? His place marker in the level reset, so I raised it to where it was and everything else seems to work fine. Any ideas?
  • @fernas: Following @wrongtarget's advice, 1.42 brought some new features to make custom animation system integration much easier.  See section 12.5 of the manual for more detailed info.

    @TenwallCreatives: Bug recreated and fixed.  A 'b' release with other fixes should be out later today.
  • Awesome Chris, keep up the good work!
  • The bug-hunt continues.  1.42b fixes the last known issues, and also brings Unity 5 compatibility (no more auto-upgrading!)
    • Added: Unity 5 compatibility
    • Added: Significant performance boost when viewing large numbers of Actions in the ActionList Editor window
    • Fixed: Error when returning to scenes with multiple Remember scripts on a single GameObject
    • Fixed: StackOverflowException error when skipping “Engine: Check ActionList” Action
    • Fixed: New Game Wizard not assigning “Engine: Pause game” as the default Action
    • Fixed: UI Canvas objects being moved to “_UI” scene folder if the Render Mode is set to World Space
    • Fixed: Stuttering effect when jumping with Ultimate FPS movement
    • Fixed: Occasional display issues with ActionListEditor window when editing nodes after scrolling
    • Fixed: Not being able to see node icon in Conversation Editor if it references a Dialogue Option with an overlong name
    • Fixed: Sound-stuttering effect during scene changes
  • edited February 2015
    Hey Chris I tried to use the lip sync texture script on my player character but nothing happened when I ran the game.  I made sure my speech settings were set to game object texture and I assigned textures to the replacement fields in the inspector.  

    Unity didn't spit out any errors so I guess ill try to print to the console while the script is running.

    Is the script showing the animation on the skinned mesh or the material itself?  The only thing i could think of wrong on my side is that the mesh im trying to animate is the head object and its parented to the skeleton while the body itself is a skinned mesh.  If the material itself is being animated that shouldn't be an issue though.  

    Do you have any input on this?  Do you have a working example or can you include this in the tutorial section?

    Im trying my hardest to make use of AC after purchasing it and getting my project off the ground.
  • Everything work for me ! Thanks again Chris
  • Excellent work Chris, as always!! Thanks!
  • @xXTheZoneWalkerXx: The technique involves animating a material that's present on the SMR, and so assumes the SMR contains the head object.  It would be easy enough for someone to adapt the LipSyncTexture script to make it work for a model instead, but you might be able to get by just by placing the same material to affect in an "unused" material slot within the SMR inspector.
  • Watch out - there's a critical bug in the 1.42x releases that prevented local variables from being restored when a scene loads.

    Apologies for the hassle, but please download 1.42c to fix the problem:

    = Version 1.42c =
    • Fixed: Critical bug in which local variables were no longer restored upon returning to a scene
    • Fixed: “Engine: Run in parallel” Action’s outputs not showing in ActionList Inspector
  • Hey thanks Chris I got it working and its beautiful!  Im so happy I can move forward with this now!
  • This system is amazing!  Everything I want to achieve is possible right out of the box!
  • Glad to hear it, @xXTheZoneWalkerXx.  Reviews on the asset store are always welcome, if you'd ever like to write one.
  • Chris, it's a little boggling, and very disappointing how anti-video tuts you are. There is no comparison. Really wish you would reconsider. It's not like you sucked at them, the original ones were quite good.
  • the texture lipsync would probably prove useful! also the 2.5D align when i get back to work on Pizza morgana.
  • @outtoplay For me, the written tutorials with images are better in that I can more easily just give them a quick glance and find what I'm looking for. They are easier to just update when there's changes, too. Though I get that for some the video tutorials are preferable.
  • To be honest In my opinion   standard ( text based & photo ) tutorials are much better and easy to follow than video tuts ;)

  • @outtoplay: AC's undergone so many refinements in the last few months that video tuts would have quickly become outdated with each new release.  Tutorials with text and images can be updated as and when needed.

    But, I do appreciate that sometimes video is better, especially for those learning the ropes.  I've been looking into doing one or two "hour-long" videos that cover the key principles while putting a game together from scratch.  Say, one for 2D, another for 3D.  The more-indepth features would remain text-based but I'm hoping this would appease those who prefer video at least a little.
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