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Camera crossfade without freeze

Hello everyone,

Quick question, is it possible to achieve Action's 'Camera:Crossfade' behaviour to execute the crossfade without freezing the in-game realtime image?

My background-running Cutscene has simple loops between cameras, moving with 'Camera:Switch' transitions, and one second before the end of each switch, the camera crossfades to another. Works as it should, but instead of a smooth (realtime) crossfade while the previous camera is still moving the last second within its 'switch' Action, everything freezes while 'Camera:Crossfade' Action is executed.

Thanks so much for any possible help!


  • Not currently, though I will give it a look to see if this can be made optional.

  • That would be great, thank you so much, Chris!

    Have a great weekend!

  • From what I understood, is this the feature we discussed here, Chris? I ended up not going through with the specific visual effect I was going for at the time, but I'm still interested in it too! I wanted to crossfade between two cameras with the exact same settings, except for the layers that they rendered -- I did this to fade out the exterior of a 2D house when the player entered the house, as the camera followed the player. Currently it works when the camera and the scene are stationary, but because the current fade feature uses a single render texture, you can't do this when anything is moving.

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