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  • Seems like they've fixed it in 2020.1a12, so a fix for 2019.3 should be coming soon. Many thanks.
  • TPC camera with a basic camera script. It seems a TPC problem though.
  • Oh yes, I had changed that to never because the dialogue system made the cursor appear again, but changed it to not use dialogue state and now dialogues run as a cutscene. Many thanks, and sorry for being vague in my description.
  • The link is down. Also, I have a problem with the AC integration. It seems that when the AC managers are on the scene the mouse doesn't react as quickly as it does by default with TPC, any ideas why that might be ? EDIT: Had to lock cursor on AC …
  • Big fan of the Cat Lady, already bought and finished the game. Great game and hopefully the new engine will let you experiment a lot more. You should do a tutorial/documentary on how you make the 2D art, amazing stuff.
  • I'm using dialogue system, mostly because I'm writing with articy draft. It can do some neat things also, like sequences (so you can basically have a camera sequence for each character), barks, changing the UI pretty seamlessly, and has a vast arra…
  • The thing I said about the LWRP is that it will be a chore to mantain it alonside the HDRP and the legacy one. The main difference is that is made for devices that don't support shader model 5, something that the legacy pipeline already supports by …
  • It looks like Unity is trying to address some of the things I said here, so I wasn't really far off. Have you tried their 3D game kit (Unity's) ? It uses the HDpipeline, it looks good (nothing mindblowing), and it runs terrible. I don't think unity …
  • Great resources Alverik, that's what I'm talking about, and how the oldschool graphic adventure didn't really translate to 3D conventional gaming (camera setup). Like with the examples provided it's mostly about guiding the player through a level, …
  • This needs a bump, there are not many resources about adventure games lying around. I really like his analysis of life is strange from a developers perspective, even if they're more focused on narrativ…
  • The Dialogue system implementation works great with AC (it's just an action) and you just have to select your dialogue fragment from articy, you can also directly write sequences in articy, it's pretty convenient. It can be a little cumbersome to be…
  • Can you do it ? I have no idea how to post it there.
  • The community might not be as lively as AGS, but the asset is always getting updated and the asset developer is always answering questions here, it's definetly not dead at all.
  • AC can do visual novels, since it's mostly dialogue, handling some sprites, saves and variables but if you are only looking to do a VN have you thought of using Ren' py ?? It's a fairly straight forward engine dedicated to do VNs and it has created …
  • UE isn't just a graphics focused engine, hell, Unity lighting is more complex than UE's, the only thing I'd say that UE post processing is really useable out of the box (now unity is also working on post processing volumes like UE) and the AA is qui…
  • Depending on how much ammount of time are you willing to spend. If we are just talking about the vainilla editors themselves, UE is just a better, more robust engine, and that is totally targeted at making games. That being said, I find C# bette…
  • The AC version 1.58 breaks part of the bridge: Assets/Dialogue System/Third Party Support/Adventure Creator/Scripts/Sequencer Commands/SequencerCommandACSpeech.cs(69,26): error CS1061: Type `AC.Speech' does not contain a definition for `displayDur…
  • Any idea how to integrate CineMachine with AC ? I've tried a couple of approachs in the editor, but I haven't looked at the API yet. Also, TimeLine looks crazy good.
  • I guess you already know, 3d pixels are called boxels, I found this tutorial (open in a different tab, it's a playlist): Hopefully it helps. There are probably some assets in the unity store that handle voxels, you should browse that too.
  • Wow this sale is crazy. Sadly I got most of the stuff I need, but if I waited for this I would probably have saved a couple of hundred dollars.
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