Adventure Creator  1.79.1
An adventure game toolkit for Unity, by Chris Burton, ICEBOX Studios 2013-2022
AC.Interaction Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for AC.Interaction:
AC.ActionList AC.iActionListAssetReferencer AC.IItemReferencer AC.IDocumentReferencer AC.IObjectiveReferencer AC.IMenuReferencer AC.IVariableReferencer

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from AC.ActionList
void Initialise ()
virtual void Interact ()
void RunFromIndex (int index)
 Runs the Actions from a set point. More...
void Interact (int i, bool addToSkipQueue)
 Runs the Actions from a set point. More...
void Skip ()
void Skip (int i)
 Runs the Actions instantly, from a set point. More...
bool AreActionsRunning ()
 Checks if any Actions are currently being run. More...
void ResetList ()
virtual void Kill ()
bool IsSkippable ()
 Checks if the ActionListAsset is skippable. This is safer than just reading 'isSkippable', because it also accounts for actionListType - since ActionLists that run in the background cannot be skipped More...
List< ActionGetActions ()
 Gets the List of Actions that this ActionList runs, regardless of source. More...
ActionParameter GetParameter (string label)
 Gets a parameter of a given name. More...
ActionParameter GetParameter (int _ID)
 Gets a parameter of a given ID number. More...
void Pause ()
 Pauses the ActionList once it has finished running it's current Action. More...
void Resume (int _startIndex, int[] _resumeIndices, string _parameterData, bool rerunPreviousAction=false)
 Resumes the ActionList. More...
string GetParameterData ()
 Gets the current ActionParameter values as a serializable string. More...
void SetParameterData (string dataString)
 Assigns parameter values based on a string generated by the GetParameterData function More...
int GetNumItemReferences (int itemID)
int UpdateItemReferences (int oldItemID, int newItemID)
int GetNumMenuReferences (string menuName, string elementName="")
int GetNumVariableReferences (VariableLocation _location, int variableID, Variables _variables=null, int _variablesConstantID=0)
int UpdateVariableReferences (VariableLocation _location, int oldVariableID, int newVariableID, Variables _variables=null, int _variablesConstantID=0)
int GetNumDocumentReferences (int documentID)
int UpdateDocumentReferences (int oldDocumentID, int newDocumentID)
int GetNumObjectiveReferences (int objectiveID)
int UpdateObjectiveReferences (int oldObjectiveID, int newObjectiveID)
bool ReferencesAsset (ActionListAsset actionListAsset)
List< ActionListAssetGetReferencedActionListAssets ()
bool ActionModified (int index)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from AC.ActionList
static AC.Action GetDefaultAction ()
 Gets the default Action set within ActionsManager. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from AC.ActionList
List< AC.Actionactions = new List<AC.Action> ()
bool isSkippable = true
float triggerTime = 0f
bool autosaveAfter = false
ActionListType actionListType = ActionListType.PauseGameplay
Conversation conversation = null
ActionListAsset assetFile
ActionListSource source
bool unfreezePauseMenus = true
bool useParameters = false
List< ActionParameterparameters = new List<ActionParameter> ()
int tagID
bool syncParamValues = true
- Static Public Attributes inherited from AC.ActionList
static string logSuffix
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AC.ActionList
virtual void BeginActionList (int i, bool addToSkipQueue)
void ProcessAction (int i)
void CheckEndCutscene ()
virtual void ReturnLastResultToSource (int index, int i)
virtual void FinishPause ()
virtual void PrintActionComment (Action action)
virtual void AddResumeToManager (int startIndex)
- Protected Attributes inherited from AC.ActionList
bool isSkipping = false
LayerMask LayerHotspot
LayerMask LayerOff
List< int > resumeIndices = new List<int> ()
bool isChangingScene = false
- Properties inherited from AC.ActionList
int NumParameters [get]
bool IsSkipping [get]

Detailed Description

An ActionList that is run when a Hotspot is clicked on.