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Version 1.71 - Player-switching overhaul, API changes, and lots more



  • Version 1.71.8

    • Added: Ability to set an Animation Curve to control the transitions of the "Camera: Fade" and "Camera: Crossfade" Actions
    • Added: Ability to orientate Slider elements vertically in AC-based Menus
    • Added: If a Hotspot's "Walk to Marker" or "Interactive Boundary" is auto-created from a Hotspot prefab, it is automatically parented to the prefab
    • Added: OnHotspotSetInteractionState custom event - called whenever a Hotspot interaction is enabled or disabled
    • Added: Re-introduced NPC / Player context menu to convert the character's type
    • Added: Option for ambience tracks to play while the game is paused
    • Added: Ability for the "Dialogue: Wait for speech" Action to wait for speech lines with a specific ID
    • Added: Support for line breaks in Conversation option labels
    • Added: Ability to open Action scripts from within the Actions Manager
    • Changed: Replaced the Highlight component's "Maximum highlight" slider with an "Intensity curve" field - use to set the intensity of the highlight over time
    • Fixed: Display issue with Variables Inspector when the selected Variable is deleted
    • Fixed: Issue when attempting to zoom draggable objects that have no Rigidbody
    • Fixed: Minor display issues with Hotspot and Trigger gizmos
    • Fixed: "Left-click deselects active item?" option overriding other options
    • Fixed: Hotspots not being detected when using Interaction Boundaries together with Player-switching
    • Fixed: Component variables linked to custom scripts not updating correctly when the scene begins
    • Fixed: Minor display issues with the Menu Manager interface
    • Fixed: Issue when manually setting a Menu Element's offset value with the SetOffset function
    • Fixed: Display issue with the Variables Manager when String variables have long default values
    • Fixed: Display issue with save-game screenshots taken in linear colour space
  • @ChrisIceBox sorry for the late reply... yes I was trying to DL the updated version outside of Unity, but was able to successfully DL the latest version from the Asset store inside Unity when logged in and when searching for Adventure Creator. Thank you.

  • Thanks for rapidly solving the player switching hotspot issue. :)

  • edited August 2020

    Hey Chris,

    After updating I have found its bugged out my games Draggable: Pick Ups. I have confirmed that the issue arises from Moveable_Pickup.cs

    Here in this video is what it's originally supposed to look like. The second part of the video what it currently does if I update Moveable_Pickup.cs

    I see FixedJointPosition is what has changed if that helps with anything

    Either the object flys away somewhere, or it doesn't follow the cursor very well.

    (apologies realised I should post this in technical Q & A)

  • @JacobJanerka: Can you share the Inspector settings of one such pickup so that I can recreate this behavior? Also, what version of AC were you previously using?

    apologies realised I should post this in technical Q & A

    No problem - but please open up a new thread there to reply so we can discuss properly there.

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