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Inventory & items missing?

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I'm currently using Brian2d character for my 2d game.I've included inventory items like in  10 th tutorial. Im able to select the item and the item disappears just like in the tutorial.

My problem is,

1) the inventory doesnt appear
2) When i leave the scene and come back, the item reappears in the original place (as if i never took it).

I read through the manual (the inventory part) but still a bit clueless on how to solve this problems.

Thank you


  • 1) Have you set up your Inventory menu correctly?  Is it that the menu itself doesn't appear, or that the inventory doesn't show in the menu?
    2) Attach the appropriate Remember scripts (see the tutorial on Saving).  You should have to attach the RememberVisibility script to the sword mesh (to save it's visibility state), and the RememberHotspot script to the hotspot (to save it's on/off state)
  • Ok i've been through the14th tutorial too (saving) and added the "remember hotsport" with Hotspot state on start as on. I've added the cutscene script and added to scene cutscene exactly like in video. I've also done the inventory video exactly like in the video.

    Again, i pickup the object and object disappears. I change the scene and object reappears again (though this time its not picable like before.

    As for the menu, I assumed due to the way the tutorials flow, it would be automaticly created? Because i dont see neither the menu, nor the Inventory window.

    If only i could see inventory window, i would know if my character is able to accuire and item and carry it across the scenes.

    So i hope you didnt mention any of these anywhere else other wise ill feel really dumb for wasting time :)
  • Ok I've added remember visiblity to the objects in inspector. So now, the object doesnt reappear once i change scene.

    This leaves the inventory problem.
  • You probably don't have a Menu Manager set.  The videos you're following are outdated - from now on, you should be reading the text-based tutorials instead.

    You can load up the Demo's Menu Manager by going to the Menu Manager, and setting the asset file as Demo_MenuManager.
  • edited April 2014
    I have created one at it seemed normal since it gave Menus and elements panels etc.

    But one thing seems odd. Once i look at the Managers folder, all the manages have unity icon but the MenuManager seems blank white paper. Do you suppose the menumanager is corrupted?

    Ok upon loading MenuManager from demo folder, now i have a menu and inventory.

    Thank you very much
  • No problem.  Incidentally, the paper icon means it's a collection of assets - the Menus and Elements are contained within it.
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