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Subtitles Text alignment

Searching in the forum I don´t find any references to this. My problem is that in the "SubsLineLabel" I put the "Text alignment" in "Middle Center". The preview window shows the text fine but when I play the game, the text shows Upper Center. It doesn´t has sense for me. What I´m doing wrong?

Using Unity 2019.3.6f1 with AC 1.71.4



  • As this is a visual issue, let's see the menu/element properties, as well as the issue in-game.

    If you've set the Size field to Automatic, you'll likely get such a problem, since then both the alignment and size will be based on the amount of text you have.

    For best control over your menu's display, though, it's recommended to rely on Unity UI - with the "Adventure Creator" source option best left to rapid-prototyping. A tutorial on switching to Unity UI can be found here.

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