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Character: Move to point doesnt move to Z position?

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Unity 5.2.4 AC 1.50f 2d game
I have a sprite with Moveable and Player scripts attached. I use Character: Move to point, but it doesn't move to Z position when it moves to the marker where it's supposed to go to, only X and Y.
Here is the picture


  • If the scene itself is 2D, a character will only move in the X and Y directions - hence the need for Sorting Maps to rescale / reorder their sprite.

    For what reason are you trying to move in the Z-axis?

  • Thanks Chris. Just as I was suspecting, it was meant to be that way.
    I thought it was a bug or something.
    I just wanted to move some sprites or objects from beneath others or vice versa with Character: Move to point.
    So to do it I need to set up Sorting Maps, just to confirm?

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    I mean I got the point you can't in 2d environment move it in Z position as in 3d like sense, I'd have to reorder sprites orders or sorting layers to bump them in front of others when I want, as you said.

  • A Sorting Map will update the Sorting Order of characters automatically, but it's possible to do so with script as well.

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