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Player character switching issue.

Heyo! Been banging my head against this a couple hours now and can't get it straight. Please help!

Either player switching is broken or more likely, I don't understand how it works...

If I start on scene 0 where all player characters are born, switching between my two player characters works fine. But if I switch to another scene with my current player, and then add another player character to the scene, it starts off looking good but when I attempt to switch to this second player character, the game sends me back to room 0, where Adventure creator believes character #2 to reside. This however, is wrong. Both my player characters are clearly in this new scene.

Perhaps I have added the second playable character the wrong way? I simply instantiate the character using Object-> Add or remove -> Add. (When I inspect it during paused gameplay it looks fine though, player component and all).

Any thoughts on this?


I have another, perhaps unrelated issue, but I can't tell since it's also got to do with multiple playable characters.

For some reason I can't get my 0 DEFAULT player character to move around when it is not my active player character. If I switch to my second player character and try to send my 0 DEFAULT character walking somewhere (using character -> move to point). I just get the error "Jones cannot pathfind without a paths component."

  • Jones (0 DEFAULT) HAS a paths component.
  • I'm not checking "Pathfind?" anyways. It's just a straight line and this works fine all the time except now when Jones is not the active player.

Oddly enough, when I play as Jones (0 DEFAULT) my second playable character CAN be sent walking around all over the place without getting this error just fine. So this is only an issue when I play as my second character. What am I screwing up here?

Thank You!



  • Deeerp. Ten seconds later I look in the docs and learn about "Teleport inactive". I'll check the docs first next time lol. But my second issue remains most likely.

  • Yes - you need to use the "Player: Teleport inactive" to move inactive Players between scenes.

    For a guide to AC's Player-switching system, see this tutorial.

    As for the Paths issue, it sounds like you're assigning your Player prefab in the Action. Is this the case?

    When Player-switching is enabled, checking "Is Player?" in an Action will bring up a popup box of all Player prefabs you've defined. This is the recommended way of commanding a specific Player character to do something - regardless of whether they're currently active or not.

  • Actually, using "teleport inactive" just solved everything. :smile:

    Hopefully this brief display of laziness and ignorance didn't waste anyone's time other than my own heh. Feel free to delete this whole thing or marked as resolved or whatever. :blush:

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