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Version 1.73 - Improved performance, Action upgrades, toggle-able Inventory interactions



  • Version 1.73.2

    • Added: Option to play scrolling speech text audio as Speech, coming from the speaking character's own Speech AudioSource
    • Added: "Interaction on grab" and "Interaction on let go" fields to Draggables set to Move Along Plane or Rotate Only
    • Fixed: Issues with the "Engine: Control Timeline" Action's "Wait until finish?" option
    • Fixed: Not being able to expand the "List expected animations?" foldout in Sprite-based character Inspectors
    • Fixed: Characters sometimes playing talking animations too long in v1.73.0
    • Fixed: Issues with Music and Ambience audio playback after resuming a paused game
    • Fixed: The Speech Manager's "Play audio on every letter?" option only showing if default text-scroll audio is assigned
    • Fixed: Inventory items not stacking correctly in the Player's inventory when transferring items from a Container
    • Fixed: Issues with "Player Vicinity" Hotspot detection when a scene contains multiple Player characters
    • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Gather text" process not processing all translatable text associated with Player prefabs
  • Thanks for the player vicinity fix! I really appreciate how fast you solved this. :smile:

  • I just tested 1.73.2 and can confirm the Container > Inventory stacking issue is fixed. Muchas gracias.

  • edited February 2021

    For me unfortuantely the update screwed it up somehow. I even did a "clean install" by emptying the Adventure Creator folder of my project and did a fresh import.

    Now I have the two errors left:
    Assets\AdventureCreator\Scripts\Game engine\SceneSettings.cs(385,35): error CS0619: 'MovieTexture' is obsolete: 'MovieTexture is removed. Use VideoPlayer instead.'
    Assets\AdventureCreator\Scripts\Game engine\SceneSettings.cs(86,11): error CS0619: 'MovieTexture' is obsolete: 'MovieTexture is removed. Use VideoPlayer instead.'

    so ALLOW_MOVIETEXTURES seems to be defined somewhere. I'm lost now.

    I use Unity Version 2020.2.1f1

    Edit: Strange thing is, this file hasn't changed with the update.

  • Ok. I finally solved the issue. May be of use for someone else:
    I had to delete the PackageManager Cache of Unity (located in %APPDATA%) and re-downloaded and re-imported it.

    Btw. It was worth it: FPS from 20 to 150 :-)

  • Version 1.73.3:

    • Added: Option for Direct-controlled Players to move backwards when constrained to a Path during gameplay
    • Added: Option to bypass AC's default Layer and Input checks in Unity's Project Settings
    • Fixed: Rare script error when using the New Game Wizard to generate the default interface
    • Fixed: "Object: Add or remove" Action's "Object to instantiate" field accepting scene objects, not just prefabs
    • Fixed: Speech audio error when switching Player character while the original Player is speaking
    • Fixed: "Unhandled" Inventory combine interactions sometimes not running
    • Fixed: Rare issue with Timeline playback when a Speech Track references the Player character
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    I am using Unity 2019.4.6f1. I face some problems about ActionList after updated to AC1.73.3 from 1.72.4:

    1. Some actions, when copy and paste, has wrong object reference. For example, an Object > Send Message action will make the object to affect reference become another object after copy and paste.

    2. Some actions in some actionlist seems to skip at random times. Like, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.

  • edited April 2021

    @Rekize I'll need more specific steps to recreate, particularly 2). Please share full details in a new thread.

    Are you using custom Actions? If so, the Actions API was updated - see this page for details. Otherwise, it may be best to PM me files that demonstrate the issue.

  • Unfortunately I have rolled back so I kind of lost that version...

    But for the problems occasions:

    1. Happens when I copied and pasted an Object > Send Message action that turns on a Hotspot.

    2. Happens after a QTE > Mash Button action. If it is success, then the following Actions are skipped sometimes. I experienced this in build, haven't tried many times in Editor so unsure if it happens in Editor.

    If the issues cannot be recreated, I will try to update again later and see if I can reproduce them. But I need to wait til a game demo ship out as it is under tight schedule.

  • @Rekize: Fair enough. I believe I've addressed issue 1, and will look into 2.

  • edited April 2021

    Great update Chris, as always.
    I've noticed that after an update to version 1.73.3, AC_InteractionMethod is not any longer part of the menuInventoryBox.HandleDefaultClick.

    Is an alternative way to set the interaction method according to left or right-click as this example was working before?

    I tried to set this:

    MenuInventoryBox menuInventoryBox = (MenuInventoryBox)_element;
                    if (_buttonPressed == 1)
                        menuInventoryBox.HandleDefaultClick(MouseState.SingleClick, _slot);
                        KickStarter.settingsManager.interactionMethod = AC_InteractionMethod.ContextSensitive;                    
                        menuInventoryBox.HandleDefaultClick(MouseState.RightClick, _slot);
                        KickStarter.settingsManager.interactionMethod = AC_InteractionMethod.ChooseHotspotThenInteraction;

    But this mess with the interaction method when the inventory closes sometimes

    This was working in version 1.72.4

    Can you advise?

  • edited April 2021

    Version 1.73.4

    Upgrade notes:

    • The Settings Manager's "Aspect ratio" property's Set Minimum option has been replaced with Range, allowing a maximum aspect ratio to be set
    • The Char script's GetAnimatedPortraitRect has been removed - read GetPortrait ().GetAnimatedRect instead


    • Added: Ability to use the "ActionList: Set parameter" Action to set an Inventory Item parameter's value based on an Integer or String Global Variable
    • Added: Ability to use the "ActionList: Set parameter" Action to set a Document parameter's value based on an Integer Global Variable
    • Added: If a Conversation's dialogue option is linked to an Inventory item, that item's texture is used as an icon if none other is assigned
    • Added: Warning when running the "Engine: Control Timeline" Action if it runs a Timeline that includes multiple Speech tracks that affect the same character
    • Added: OnPlayerJump event - triggered whenever the Player character is made to jump
    • Added: Ability to map a DialogList element to a Conversation's specific Dialogue Option ID
    • Added: Ability to define a maximum aspect ratio in the Camera Settings
    • Added: Character expression replacement tokens can now be copied to the text buffer from the Inspector
    • Added: Console message if a character has multiple Animator components attached
    • Added: If a Sprites Unity character is missing an animation, the Console now reports which Animator is missing it
    • Added: GetProfileVariable function to the Options class - use to get the value of a specific variable associated with a specific profile
    • Added: Ability to set the text colour when displaying the selected Inventory item's count
    • Added: Option for InventoryBox and Crafting elements to display an Inventory item's count if is only one, but stackable
    • Added: Ability for the "Inventory: Select" Action to select a fixed amount of the given item, if multiple instances of the item can be held
    • Changed: Removed restriction of InventoryBox elements of type "Hotspot Based" to "Choose Hotspot Then Interaction" mode
    • Changed: The Char script's GetAnimatedPortraitRect has been removed - read GetPortrait ().GetAnimatedRect instead
    • Fixed: Menus set to appear During Gameplay not turning off when in a script-enforced cutscene
    • Fixed: Camera rotation issues when constraining a GameCamera's spin or pitch
    • Fixed: Issue with previewing DialogList menu elements linked to a fixed option
    • Fixed: Stackable Inventory items not stacking after being removed from Crafting menu elements
    • Fixed: Character portrait graphics flickering when mixing animated and non-animated textures
    • Fixed: Inventory items being removed if two items of the same type are combined while having a Slot capacity of 1
    • Fixed: Incorrect warning message appearing when a scene begins with a Sprites Unity character that uses a separate layer for head animation
    • Fixed: Setting a Menu's isLocked state to True through script not automatically turning the Menu off as well
    • Fixed: Action fields sometimes changing values when copying/pasting Actions in Unity 2019.2 or newer
    • Fixed: UI Buttons set to display "only when effective" not disabling correctly
    • Fixed: "Choose Interaction Then Hotspot" mode not respecting the Settings Manager's "Unhandled interactions deselect active item?" property
    • Fixed: Settings Manager's "Left-click deselects active item?" property overriding "Unhandled interactions deselect active item?" when clicking on a Hotspot

    @tzivaeris Thanks for the alert - yes, the script's outdated now. Though, so long as your "Inventory interactions" property is set to Single, it should default to left/right clicks.

    You can hook into the OnMenuTurnOff event to reset your game's interaction method when the Inventory menu closes, e.g.:

    If you need more help, please start a new thread with details - it'll get cluttered here.

  • Thanks for the update, Chris! Everything I reported/requested seems to work very well.

    The one additional feature I would suggest would be to allow the inventory cursor to display item amounts when holding one unit of a stackable item, in line with the new "only if stackable" option for inventory boxes.

  • So good to see the addition of the aspect ratio range feature - in my eyes this is a massive step up for AC 👍

    If (I'm just saying if :wink:) you plan to tackle UPM package next and need any help with testing or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out.

    BIG congrats on the release!

  • edited April 2021

    Noted, thank you.

    I would suggest would be to allow the inventory cursor to display item amounts when holding one unit of a stackable item, in line with the new "only if stackable" option for inventory boxes.

    I'd prefer not to have two options that do the same thing. Perhaps the new option should be removed per-box and replaced with a global setting.

  • I'd prefer not to have two options that do the same thing. Perhaps the new option should be removed per-box and replaced with a global setting.

    That would work for my use case! Though I can see the argument against it: AC's inventory boxes are very flexible and can be repurposed for things that don't behave like a normal container/inventory, so the ability to customise each one is really useful, e.g. you might not want to display how many items a vendor has in stock (while displaying amounts in the player inventory). The global setting could also prove problematic depending on how you're using a box as an ability/spell bar.

  • Fair points raised. I think I'll instead have it be possible to override the exact text through custom script.

  • An unfortunate copy/paste bug appeared in 1.73.4 - this minor update addresses it:

    Version 1.73.5

    • Added: Ability to override the "count" text displayed over the cursor when multiple instances of an Inventory Item is selected by subclassing RuntimeInventory
    • Fixed: Speech lines that use different audio for different Player characters not working with Addressables
    • Fixed: Momentary animation glitch when swapping the active 2D Player
    • Fixed: Actions sometimes disconnecting after copy/pasting in v1.73.4
  • Version 1.73.6:

    • Changed: Rolled-back the v1.73.4 fix involving a Menu's isLockedState not turning off the Menu
    • Fixed: StackOverflowException error when attempting to lock a Menu inside its OnMenuTurnOff event in v1.73.4
  • Version 1.73.7:

    • Added: Ability to refer to scenes by name in save game files, as opposed to build index number
    • Added: Ability to animate the Hotspot icon assigned in the Settings Manager
    • Added: OnCharacterSetExpression event - called whenever a character's expression is set
    • Added: Warning if the New Game Wizard failed to generate all menus that make up the default interface
    • Added: GetDocumentsInCategory function to the InventoryManager class
    • Added: Option for the "Camera: Switch" Action wait for an GameCamera Animated to complete its animation before ending
    • Added: The "Hotspot: Rename" Action now accepts String parameters to override the new label text
    • Added: Minor optimisations to the initialisation process
    • Changed: If the "Sound: Play music" or "Sound: Play ambience" Action is used to resume the track already being played, it's "loop" state will be updated by the Action
    • Changed: Replaced the "Engine: Check platform" Action's check for the deprecated WebPlayer platform for WebGL
    • Changed: When an NPC following another character gets too far away, they will now run closer until midway-between the min/max distances set
    • Fixed: Combining two inventory items resulting in the wrong item's "Unhandled combine" interaction being run
    • Fixed: Issues when turning on Unity UI-based menus that are dynamic in size and are set to "Appear At Cursor Then Freeze"
    • Fixed: Playback issues with the "Engine: Control Timeline" Action when referencing a Timeline from an ActionList asset
    • Fixed: Speech playback issue when using Addressables for audio and a post-line delay
    • Fixed: Issue with controller input when Direct movement is limited to Eight Directions
    • Fixed: Hotspot icons not animating when drawn in World Space
    • Fixed: Empty speech lines playing forever if scrolling is enabled
    • Fixed: Lipsync timing issues when dialogue text makes use of tokens
    • Fixed: Non-scrolling dialogue text ignoring the position of any [continue] tag inside
    • Fixed: Subtitle menus showing even when a line of dialogue has no visible text
    • Fixed: Subtitle menus sometimes re-appearing for a dialogue line once it has been skipped with the [continue] tag
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