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Version 1.73 - Improved performance, Action upgrades, toggle-able Inventory interactions



  • Fixed: Subtitle menus showing even when a line of dialogue has no visible text

    Does that mean that a Dialogue:PlaySpeech action that just contained an [expression:Whatever] tag would change the expression but not display a subtitle menu? That's real useful if so :-)

  • It wasn't made with that specific case in mind, but that should be OK - give it a try.

  • Changed: When an NPC following another character gets too far away, they will now run closer until midway-between the min/max distances set

    Thanks for this! Works great.

    Added: The "Hotspot: Rename" Action now accepts String parameters to override the new label text

    Does this inclusion mean the string parameters can be translated after all? Or is this not possible?

  • Does this inclusion mean the string parameters can be translated after all? Or is this not possible?

    No, it's a separate issue. If you opt to override the Action with a String parameter, the Action no longer gets included in translations.

  • edited February 2023

    Version 1.73.8

    • Upgrade note: The OnBeforeChangeScene, OnCompleteScenePreload and OnAwaitSceneActivation events now take a string parameter for the relevant scene name

    • Added: Ability to load scenes via Addressable name

    • Fixed: AC Menu sizing issues in WebGL
    • Fixed: Issues with AC Input element behaviour when the "Input type" is set to "Allow Special Characters"
    • Fixed: Variable presets not updating String variables
    • Fixed: PlayerStarts that reference the previous scene index not always working if scenes are referenced by name in save-game files
    • Fixed: The "Sound: Change volume" Action's "New relative volume" and "Change time (s)" fields not accepting Float parameters
    • Fixed: Issue when a Recipe is set to run an ActionList when transferring the resulting item to the Inventory
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