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Overkill for simple "Slideshow" game

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Hi all, first time poster, first time AC user also. I'm making a extremely very simple slideshow game where its a JPEG background, you click on a part of it and hotspot takes you to next JPEG
Is AC/Unity overkill for this? I'm having trouble following youtube tutorials because they're delving into mesh layers, cameras etc which is beyond the scope of my project. When I've tried to go it alone, my JPEG background wont appear when testing (just a blue screen) irrespective of what layer I set the JPEG to, -10, -1 etc. I'm assuming its because I haven't set stuff up along the liens of mesh layers etc?
Can anyone recommend a absolute boiled-down tutorial for AC or Unity?


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    Welcome to the community, @ryanmcleod.

    I wouldn't say it's overkill - it's true that AC is capable of more complex games, but there's still a lot of complexity "under the hood" for such a game, such as saving-and-loading, inventory, player choices etc.

    Of course, being a more simple game does also mean that other tools can handle this kind of project - so it's really a case of seeing what feels right for you.

    Though it does aim to be as newcomer friendly as possible, AC does require a general working knowledge of Unity - since it still relies on Unity for core principles such as camera and animation. If you're having issues getting a background to display in front of the camera, I'd advise sorting that out first before adding AC to the mix, since that can be an issue regardless of whether AC is in your project.

    The main thing to look out for is that the camera is pulled back so that it can see your background Sprite in the scene. Even when working in a 2D scene, the camera still has depth and so its Z position relative to other objects is still important.

    In terms of AC tutorials, the 2D tutorial video is the one most geared towards newcomers. As it covers a more traditional third-person point-and-click game, a lot of it won't be necessary for your project - but concepts such as Hotspots, dialogue, interactions, game logic etc still apply. Further introductory tutorials can be found in text-form here.

    The most basic examples on using AC can be found in the "Puzzle template: Simple examples" package over on the Downloads page.

    These do build on top of Unity, however, so it's still important to get familiar with Unity first if you're not already. Good beginner tutorials for Unity itself can be found on Youtube, or Unity's own Learn pages.

  • So I've had a "Spark" moment I'm finally getting somewhere. Thank you for the encouragement!

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