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Branching Dialogue Focus

Ok, so I've been toying around with AC so far and I'm still a newbie but anyone got some experience with conversations, currently doing the tutorials but I wanted to know if a Disco Elysium degree of interactivity would include many instances of conversations or if toggling on and off would appear reasonable (considering the many many variables DE uses, probably not)
What I've also seen is that there's a dialogue tool that allows integration with AC, anyone got some experience on it?


  • DE's conversation system is a lot more involved than the typical dialogue trees that you get with traditional adventure games that AC is more designed for.

    You could leverage AC's Conversation system with custom scripting to make it behaviour more like DE (e.g. adding each line to a single column, which could be done using custom events).

    However, Dialogue System does indeed offer integration with AC, and is an excellent tool that many here are using.

  • I got the tool, although perhaps not fully learning AC's dialogue system before getting it and learning it, integrated might not be the best path, I'm not sure if it's going to cause out of context issues. Would you recommend sticking with AC before integration, or learn both of them together at once?

  • I'd certainly say it's best to learn how AC works "by itself" first - even if only to understand exactly how Dialogue System changes the standard workflow.

    A tutorial on AC's conversation system can be found here.

  • Thank you!

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