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Is there a action to check if is in gameplay now?

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Is there a action to check if is in gameplay now?
I need to do the time lapse function. If player starts the game and is in gameplay(not CutScene), time goes by.


  • In a custom script, you can check you're currently in gameplay with the IsInGameplay function:

    AC.KickStarter.stateHandler.IsInGameplay ();

    Incorporated into a custom Action:

    using UnityEngine;
    using AC;
    public class ActionCheckGameplay : ActionCheck
        public override ActionCategory Category { get { return ActionCategory.Engine; }}
        public override string Title { get { return "Check in gameplay"; }}
        public override bool CheckCondition ()
            return KickStarter.stateHandler.IsInGameplay ();

    See the Manual's "Custom Actions" chapter for details on how to install this as a custom Engine: Check in gameplay Action. You'll also need to ensure that the ActionList it's used in has its When running field set to Run In Background.

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