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Cursor Influence from panning to X and Z

Hey there!
On my new project I'm using a isometric perspective and I want to use cursor influence to help the player see more ahead when he point the mouse, but for that kind of camera "panning" is not the correct way to use it and give a weird vibe to it.
There is a way to use the camera position instead of the camera rotation?

Another way was to move the camera foward depending on the player velocity.


  • Try the "Isometric camera" package over on the Downloads page - it's a special camera type intended for isometric perspectives, and pans when the cursor influence option is enabled.

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    Whoa! I accessed the downloads page a few times some time ago, I never realised the isometric camera haha, thank you!

    I know when I said that I'm using a isometric perspective is intended to the camera to be orthographic, but in fact I'm just using the x 45 y 45 angle with a small field of view camera, so you have the feel like isometric but you still have a small perspective and parallax.
    I realized that this script just work with ortographic camera, when I change to perspective it keeps using the camera rotation instead.

  • Currently, the use of rotation for Perspective cameras is hard-coded. I'll see if this can be instead based on a per-camera type property.

    In the meantime, if you don't mind applying this change to all Perspective cameras in your game, you can modify the GameCameraData script's line 102:

    if (_camera.Camera.orthographic)


    if (true)

    To have it always use position rather than rotation.

  • Worked perfectly! Thank you!

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