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Creating puzzles

I would like an advice of how to start and creating a puzzle.
I've seen the tutorials and tried to follow the manual but couldn't figure it out.
Can you point me to the exact place in the manual for these actions (these are just examples for me to learn from):
Imagine three sticks, that are placed vertical, side by side. I would like to understand how to drag them to form a triangle, and once the form is created, it will initiate something else, maybe in a different scene (I followed the door tutorials, but it shows prefabs of already made levers).
Thank you


  • Would this be for a 2D game?

    A "Puzzle template: Simple examples" package on the Downloads page has a variety of simple example puzzles that cover common adventure game techniques. Even if they don't cover your exact needs, it's worth picking them apart to show how puzzles are typically created in AC.

    What you're specifically describing, however, sounds similar to a jigsaw puzzle - in that you have to drag-drop items into specific locations on the screen.

    Such behaviour requires some custom scripting, but this functionality can be found within the "Puzzle template: Item arranging" package - also on the Downloads page. It has a couple of example scenes, including a jigssaw puzzle scene.

    Have a look to see if this is similar to what you're trying to achieve. Your situation is a little more complex, as it involves rotations and (presumably) the ability to put any stick in any of the three positions - but let's see if the package is along the right lines first.

    For having a puzzle's outcome affect a different scene, you'll need to use Global Variables - as these can be accessed from anywhere in the game. A Bool variable named e.g. "Stick puzzle solved" can be set to True upon completion (with the Variable: Set Action), and then read when entering the other scene (with Variable: Check inside the scene's OnStart cutscene).

  • This is helpful. Thank you

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