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Drag inventory items and place in hotspot

I am struggeling with a puzzle.
The user must be able to drag and drop 4 specifilc Inventory items into 4 Places .
Use must be able to drop in any order desired but only one order is right.

I Already used Parametered Actionlist as Asset file. and then am running it as an Inventory Unhandeled Interaction inside which i run my perametered Actionlist Asset.
But in this method , user is not able to drop/place Inventory assets where ever desired.
In fact it is no choice in the method i am doing. he just puts the right inventory asset in the right place which i planned.
What is the proper way to do this?

If i want to Explain more i must say , have all four Game objects associated with the Inventory items at a Marker behind the Game cam and i use teleport function to place them in Places.

I want the User to be able to find out the Right Order in which 4 Objects/Inventory Items must be placed in the puzzle.
thanks in advance


  • Have you downloaded the "Puzzle template: Item arranging" package on the Downloads page? This package allows for item-dragging puzzles, and includes a Jigsaw example scene that can be repurposed for this kind of gameplay.

  • thanks. I am going to do it. I have read about it in another Forum discussion and downloaded it but i was afraid that installing it might ruin my game. i am going to check it .

  • I downloaded Templates. and I assigned the Asset file PuzzleExamples_SceneManager but when i run they do not work at all.
    I tried different Scenes like a remote Control and TV or Key and Door. nothing happens there. I also see my Player falling down into the void. but i can not do anything like using remote or key.

    I searched in Forum and in Manual PDF to find out how i can use the Dowloadable Packages but found nothing. I need to know how i can check these Templates and then how i can use them inside mygame while My game uses another SceneManager. So how i can use my own Scenemanager and at the same time use there premaid puzzles.
    Please give me a hint or a Link which can open my eyes to the whole thing.

    One more thing:
    On paper and as a flowchart i designed my puzzle and i was thinking it would be super easy to execute it using AC. but when i started to Do it ... I found it super hard to manage all the possibilities. I am hoping If i can see some of these puzzle Templates i can learn great things and it can be a Big step for me to be able to learn how i can overcome Puzzle creation.
    Maybe i should add that my game is 3D.

  • Each template is different - you can find instructions on how to use it in the provided Readme file.

    You've downloaded the wrong template - I was referring to "Puzzle template: Item arranging", not "Puzzle template: Simple examples". It's the second of the two listed.

    Before attempting to incorporate it into your game, get the example running first. Assign all of the Managers - not just Scene - and run the included example scene.

    You'll be able to run your own game afterwards - just re-assign your own Managers again beforehand.

  • thanks . going to check them out.

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